My after-thoughts on the anime Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! and the message of it, linking it from the highlight of love between Yutaa and Rikka.


Chemistry between the duos


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Is it truly worth it? Is it actually all right to ‘grow up’ and forget every silly memories that you had just for the sake of preserving your dignity and for others to see you as ‘normal’? The answer from the anime is no, as selfish as it may seems, he wanted her to live as she is and to love her for it just because he doesn’t want her to pretend to be something that she doesn’t like. Yutaa eventually helped her to conquer her dark past, to find the Ethereal Horizon – to accept the death of her father as their journey continues together.



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Be True to Yourself

Childhood memories are the most embarrassing ones, yet they are the most genuine fun we had. If we were to reminisce our childhood, we’ll either laugh and brush it off or feel embarrassed by those memories where we once imagined ourselves as the main characters from the video games or anime with superpower or super-weapons. Where it was our sole purpose to defeat the enemy that has never existed to stop the end of the world, or in a smaller scales, to protect our friends and family.

Sooner or later, we eventually grow up and wanted to forget about it because those are memories too embarrassing to talk and even think about. We want to forget the existence of those childish things that we have done in the past. Why? Simple. Because we grow conscience of the words ‘dignity’ and ‘fame’ as we enter our later stage as teenagers and eventually, adults. But the fact is that, we could never leave this syndrome so called ‘chuunibyou’.

We have all imagined a romantic relationship with our crush/ideal partners before, living in a fantasy world where dreams come true with a snap, beheading enemy boss to save the world and get approval, the list could go on and on where we imagined the world revolves around us as the center. And in fact, we do this everyday even after we considered ourselves to be matured.

Everyone wants to be a part of something, a discussion on latest trends, a club filled with promising fun, a circle of friends with that has some popularity. That’s why we try to fit in, it’s a universal fact and it’s how the social system has always worked. In fact, those who are not trying to fit in will be labelled as weird and get boycotted eventually. We fear this as much as we fear being rejected when we went for something big. As much as we like to be ourselves and not putting a face to blend in, we will always need someone to support us emotionally, encouraging us when we are rejected and feel hopeless, to keep loving for who we are. I’m sorry to say that this doesn’t happen often in real life, perhaps only in the world between Yutaa and Rikka that we witness and admire of as a third person.

Most often when we want to do something new, by just thinking of the consequences, we might be embarrassed and hold back our heart. We dig deep inside and seal it to fit into the reality and we put up a face or even change the whole appearance to blend in. It’s a normal thing to do anyway, everyone’s doing it.

Not until Rikka shows up and slaps her denial right to our face. Growing up doesn’t mean you need to forget the importance of being true to yourself, sometimes it’s buried deep down and only the right person can dig it up, but sooner or later, you will discover it yourself. There should always be this little fire inside your heart that burns up your enthusiasm to do things that you like and enjoy, without giving others a damn. Something that would makes you feel genuinely happy and that you’re glad to have done it. To achieve something that is dear and personal to you, happiness.

It’s not horrible to be different, in fact, it’s the best thing you could ever do to yourself if you could do it just right. You don’t have to do some extremely childish thing or weird thing to prove this point, simply do something different than normal because you wanted to. Watch movie that you are interested in that are criticized badly, listen to songs that you find enjoyable instead of following the trend, voice out your opinion if you disagree and more. These are simple things that we subconsciously ignores because of our normal life of following steps of the majority and they often build up inside us, making us emotionally exhausted after doing something rather than enjoying it.

Now I’m gonna ask you a question, when was the last time that you legit feels happy that you managed to accomplish it, and truly enjoyed the progress of doing it, that you did it out of your comfort zone? It might be recently, past or a period you couldn’t remember, whatever it is, believe in what you want as long as you are true to yourself, as you make up your mind to be. Summing up with a quote by Jim Carrey:

Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.


I believe that anime is not just for pure entertainment, but it can get message across sometimes, and a life lesson to learn from it. To motivate us. Thanks for reading!