Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren [12-12] [Mega]

Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!



‘Chuunibyou’ is a strange term used in Japanese culture and often has similar meaning to ‘eight-grader syndrome’. One is said to have this syndrome when they imagine themselves to be the center of the world, capable of wielding super powers or super weapons that are destined to one. Something like mimicking the superheroes in video games, anime or tv shows but going to a further extent by even doing so in public.

The story starts off with the male protagonist Dark Flame Master, Yutaa that is attempting to ditch his childish and embarrassing past behind by moving into a high school that is further away. What he didn’t expect was to meet a girl named herself Wicked Eye, Rikka which apparently has this embarrassing syndrome known as ‘chuunibyou’ that he once had. Moreover, Rikka targeted him as her comrade to seek her ultimate goal – Ethereal Horizon.

What goes along is his attempt to avoid her as much as possible to live a normal high school life.



Being a slice of life anime with some imaginary actions, there are a lot of entertaining moments to laugh to and enjoy. For example, the absurd fighting actions that are only delusions to Rikka and Dakemori making the real situation awkward, and Yutaa being the ‘straight’ man to lecture them of it. You might laugh or cringe at some of their interactions but as the story develops, you will notice a bond being formed with Yutaa and Rikka.

With regards to that, the story will take an emotional turns after the first half, leading you deeper into the thoughts on the main female protagonist – Rikka and providing a few insights to her past.

For the animation part, the splitting-half-screen intro is great with the dreamy OST, that aims to bring out the desire of wanting to do something and exploring along with the little excitement of doing so. The art by Kyoto Animation is exceptional as always, especially in portraying the thoughts of the Yutaa and Rika as they stare blankly into each others’ eyes for the first time that reinforced the words – ” Eyes are the window to the soul ” where their story started.

The characters part is a charm! There will be more and more weird characters appearing as the story progresses. There’s a senior that loves to nap and is oblivious of her surrounding most of the time – Kumin-senpai. A long hair ‘servant’ that is as the same level of weirdness as Rikka – Dekemori. A popular girl which once had the same humiliating syndrome as Yutaa, now attempting to remove the existence of it – Nibutani An honorable boy that is a dear friend to Yutaa – Ishikki which support him.

Overall, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! gave me what I came for, and it left me with things that I didn’t expect at all. After all, having my tears drop for something beautiful is never the same as something sad, it warms the feelings up and drop a little of emptiness inside the heart.


Thanks for reading!

Personal rating for it: 9/10