” Years from now, a gale strong enough to shake the world will blow. Your bodies are light, the gale will surely separate the two of you. However, you hearts will never be apart. “



Gosick is a story of an adventure, romance and mystery of so-called ‘ Golden-haired princess ‘ and the ‘ Reaper that comes in spring ‘. The loli princess, Victorique is a short girl with a certain past, short-tempered, like sweets, smart yet unable to express her true feelings. The reaper, Kujou is the third son of an imperial soldier, a bit reckless, always complain about the princess’ actions and yet, is very fond of her.

At a first glance, the story appears to portray the debunk of the mysteries and revealing the truth behind it. The mysteries, also known as ghost stories because of its authenticity and seems to be impossible to solve or even understand it as they form an unlikely partnership and have all sort of adventure together to tackle each cases as they come, connecting the dots to a final big reveal.


The story has a way to present the cases, surrounding them in a surreal mystery to be tackled steps by steps by the duo – putting the pieces together to form the bigger picture. Although some of the mysteries are relatively easy to be deduced after given the clues, but the efforts to get them are the challenging ones.

These are the surface plot which might interest you but there’s more to it. What highlighted the show is the lovely and realistic interaction between the princess and the reaper. When he said something that he shouldn’t have, she would kick him in the leg mercilessly and he would cry out in pain. When she angered him, he would leave her with stomping foots, only to return regretfully with more sweets later. Whenever they are separated, both can’t stop thinking about each other and how their wish to meet again can turn into tears.

Compared to other detectives anime, reconstructing the chaos while biting a blue pipe is what makes the whole character of the loli princess special and adorable with all her emotions, sarcastic comments and her unique personality. The male protagonist, serves well as an emotional support and being by her side along her journey. Moreover, the side characters are well defined, each with their own quirks which makes the story much more interesting.

The songs are well-suited as well. But, I’d like to compliment on the ending theme songs, which is the sorrowful ” Resuscitated Hope ” which echoes of Victorique’s hope to be out of her loneliness and Kujou’s role in it. Amazingly, it strikes right into the feels and managed to cover the theme of the story.

The art is not top-notch, but it does not reek of bad qualities either. It managed to present the Victorian setting with the scenery and the landscape to the very details that mixed well with the characters. The characters design is another merit for the plot, there’s the reaper with black waistcoat that signifies what everyone has been calling him – death and the stylish dress that the princess wears, which brings out her character and the elegance that comes with it.

Overall, if you’re looking for an anime that combines romance, mystery and adventure and a quite complicated detective story with a twist, this is it. Join them both and discover their story and see for yourself, their beautiful journey into the unknown and the promise that bonds them together.

Will they live happily ever after? You’ll have to see for it yourself.


Extra gif of Victorique rolling to get rid of her boredoom:



Thanks for reading!

Personal rating for it: 8/10