An amazing OST will add many merit points to the anime, sometimes even presenting the anime from a different perspective,
hiding a secret message or simple to hype people up to watch it.


Opening track:



#1 Blue Birds by Kobukuro //Bakuman
#2 Fly High by Burnout Syndromes // Haikyuu!! 2nd season
#3 Aoi Shiori by Galileo Galilei // Anohana
#4 Ring of Fortune by Eri Sasaki // Plastic Memories


Ending track:



#1 Wa-cycle by Hana Itoki // Ancient Magus Bride
#2 Brave Song by Aoi Tada // Angel Beats!
#3 Resuscitated Hope by Lisa Komine // Gosick
#4 Michishirube by Minori Chihara // Violet Evergarden


Honorable mentions:



“Sparkle” by Radwimps //Kimi No Na Wa


“Fantasy” by LAMA //UN-GO



That’s all for now, there are a lot more to be updated. As always, thanks for reading!