Humans have been driven to extinction by these monsters so-called ” Klaxosaurus ” where only the chosen children that were raised in a fort city known as ” plantation ” can defeat them. By piloting the giant mechas known as FranXX in boy-girl pair, can they only defeat these monsters, which is their sole purpose in life and their only way to prove their existence as they know nothing about the past and the outside world.

Hiro, being a prodigy and aspiring FranXX pilot has failed his aptitude trial test and as he wondered a lake, filled by his regrets, he met Zero Two – a mysterious girl with two horns growing out of her head and known as the infamous ” Partner Killer “. A fate lead them to meet again, when the male pilot in her mecha is dead and only Hiro is around to pilot it. The duo surprisingly defeated the one of the Klaxosaurus. Will he continue to be her darling in the FranXX, and if so, at what cost?




What is human?

What makes you more ‘human’ than other? These are the questions that lingers around unnoticeably since the first episode, to reach the conclusion in the final one. A question that defined the reason of the fight that Zero Two relentlessly put up on – to become human. We call ourselves human but do we even care to stop and take a closer look to others around us? Are you only human because you have the ability to speak whatever you want, to think logically and solve problems or passion to get things done that others can’t?

The answer given is rather simple. Because we exhibit deeper emotions and can portrays them better. That’s what the story of Zero Two and Hiro tried to cover but didn’t exactly get the message through because of the many themes that it tried to tackle.

Because emotions are the fundamental things that makes us human, Zero Two learnt to enjoy every new experience because of how they only come once and losing that single moment could cause her eternal regret. Hiro, being the passive prodigy learnt to fight whenever he has to, and to give it all even when governed by his emotions to protect Zero Two and to be the one that she can lean on. Through their unusual partnership, with some cringy moments, the feelings come into the play. The portrayal of the romance that encourages one to be honest with their feelings and to understand how a single action can be two-layered and the words ” you were awful ” from Ichigo can have so many different translations to it.

Other than that, the takeaway from Darling in the FranXX that has its fair amount of hates and loves is the symbol of the Jian from the first scene and the story of Prince and the Beast – to be someone’s wing. A bird cannot fly with one wing and love cannot be felt unless it’s mutual, but what would it takes to seek your own love?

Overall, Darling in the FranXX is quite distant from a masterpiece. There are some flaws that are highly criticized like the unrealistic mecha fight, unnecessary fanservice and the cringy love romance which I agreed with. However, there are also some beautiful elements that are missed out from the clouded perspective. I would recommend anyone to give it a try with unbiased mindset and see for yourself, whether it’s worth it.

For extra remarks, Kiss of Death is one of the greatest OST I’ve ever come across and Goro, deserves more character development simply because he’s a genuinely nice guy.


As always, thanks for reading!

Personal rating for it: 8/10