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Winter 2019 || The Promised Neverland || 12 episodes


Grace Field House is an orphanage surrounded by forests and a gated entrance, inhabited by young orphans that lives happily together as a single family, under their “Mama”, Isabella’s care. Although they are free to do whatever they want in their free time, they are required to do daily tests and obey the one rule that is emphasized by their ” Mama ” – to not venture too deep into forest or the entrance gate.

Every few months, a child is adopted and brought by “Mama” to their new family, only to never be heard of again. Through one incident, the three oldest siblings are about to discover their promised neverland is not what it seems to be.




The Promised Neverland has a story that you would expect from its name. It embodies horror, psychological and shounen which holds an important message at the center – you’re not alone.

Horror, as in the ominous face expressions and the wicked intention behind the smiles with the shocked face expressions, that is just downright weird and send chills down the spine. Psychological, as in the war of strategies between the top 3 protagonist with their own specialty that seeks to outwit their ‘Mama’ by being one step forward and their ‘Mama’ which controls them with her resources and manipulation of other children. Shounen, as in the spirit of having a strong will to make the decision and the strong bond shared between the trio to achieve the same goal together. Also, running and training for the escape, coming up with all kinds of physical activities to keep up as the collboration grows wider.

It’s managed to emerged as an appealing anime because of the story-driven property. With proper adjustment, the story managed to lift up the suspense element with the crucial time limit, giving a sense of rush to wrap their plan up and then inserting twist after twist, enemy that becomes ally and so forth. All while building up the tension to the climatic moment which will leave you rooting for them and be at the edge of your seat at the same time.

But that’s not all.

You’ll be surprised how the music and the camera works can add in merit points that makes the story much more thrilling. Scenes that show their secret talk by setting the perspective behind bushes and the sound effects that comes with their disbelief. The OP comes with a typical shounen OST that already show you the whole story but you’d be astonished at the end anyway.

Overall, The Promised Neverland holds great potential as a premise and it serves an important message that indicates that this is not the end of their story. This is only the origin story. The start of it all.



Personal rating for it: 9/10

Thanks for all the support so far, and as always, thanks for reading!