Winter 2014 || Noragami: Stray God || 12 episodes ( + 2nd season )



Have you ever had a sudden urge to do something evil and unpleasant to someone else?

Well, to be honest, we all had. But we didn’t do it, at the end. Why? Because a homeless delivery god is out there to cut those wicked intentions away. It’s a very interesting concept portrayed in the story because it shows our consciousness in form of gods and add a reminder that one wrong step and you’ll be succumbed by the Phantoms into another realm with no turning back, in other words – death and despair with no end.

Yato, is the main drive of Noragami. Noragami managed to succeed in its supernatural and shounen genre because of him with his fair share of drama and serious moments that could lighten up the ambience and increase the suspense at the same time. There’s also the casual quirky action and words by the fine ensemble of gods with their Regalias that adds in the comedic value, engaging in the interaction and actions scenes to keep the story from being dull, all while centering Yato with his tiny bit of childishness. But, as silly as he seems to be, they know they can count on him whenever he’s needed.

Hiyori, on the other hand, as unimportant as her character is depicted, she serves as the crucial link that bonds Yato with his problematic Regalia, Yukine. She is the cute and precious tie to their relationship. Yukine, as annoying and immature he can be, he serves as the emotional and physical support to Yato and although he does mistake, you can’t blame it all on him, he’s a teenager after all. Yukine is the one who brings emotions of the story to a certain point, the stubborn trouble maker that we could resonate with and yet, Yato never gives up on him.



The trio combined, and you’ve got Noragami. One for all, all for one.

Moving on to the art part, the eyes stood out as they managed to capture the essential personality of each characters, with dark blue on the coldness of Yato, the bright warm orange on the impulsive Yukine and the warm pink on the active and beautiful Hiyori. For the OP and ED, the Japanese rock rhythm really sets up the mood and it’s nicely structured that shows you how deep their bond goes.

Overall, Noragami will make you laugh, leave your heart hanging in the air and then make you cry. It’s composed of action, comedy and shounen at its finest and perhaps, even more.

And it only costs you 5 yen.


As always, thanks for reading! This is one of the anime that I would not have watched if it wasn’t recommended by others, and it’s as entertaining as it is emotional, definitely a worth to watch! And it turns out, I enjoyed the 2nd season, Aragoto even more!

Personal rating for it: 9/10!