Summer 2016 || ReLIFE || 13 episodes ( +4 )

Before review, I would like to say that ReLIFE is definitely one of the best and underrated slice of life anime that I’ve ever come across. It’s adapted from webtoon and has certainly surpassed my expectations, leaving an ending that has a beautiful touch to the whole story. Now, I should mention that it doesn’t end with just 13 episodes, there are four more episodes that act as a sequel to end the story on a whole better note and it will be very worth watching.


ReLIFE is a story of having a chance to live over, with a cost. Kaizaki is a NEET that switched between jobs until he met Ryou, a member of LIFE research institute that offers him chance to live high-school life again as a 17 years-old with a mysterious pill. He accepted the offer, only to find out that he couldn’t keep up with all the tests, physical fitness the first day in his school. As he struggles with his new lifestyle, he slowly learns more about his classmates and in the process, how precious memories could be.






” The effects you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. ” – Jim Carrey

This quote perfectly sums up the reason of our existence, no matter how small and insignificant you are, whenever you’re around, every words and every action that you did will serve as a push, if not for yourself and brings an impact to others, a memory or in an unexpected form of encouragement for someone. But what does this has to do with this anime?

ReLIFE preys on this concept through a NEET adult mindset inside a high school student exterior, engaging on a scary idea with this and makes the possibility that everything will be gone afterwards if you wanted to be a part of this ‘experiment’, you’re the only one left with memories while the friends and lover in your memories would not even remember you. The fun and the pain, all is bear by yourself at the end and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it.



You guys just won’t let me give up! Why?!

Boring philosophical part aside, I found that this line has the most accurate depiction of a genuine friendship. The friends that won’t always be there for fun moments but will never let you give up. ReLIFE has an ordinary storyline but extraordinary way of presenting the relationship, especially with friends, adding the deep characters development and projecting their insights so that you could resonate with them. You have Ryou that doesn’t stand out much with helping the male protagonist but is always a step in front, doing his best as a supporter and aiding him in unexpected ways. Hishiro, the silent, smart and awkwardly cute girl that attempts to express herself more to make more friends but learnt more on understanding the feelings of others and herself in the process. And so, with the quirky characters, the whole romance and comedy thing plays out.

But this time, feels joined the room, DEEP FEELS rather than the cliched romance.

The story emphasized on two of the most close and distant elements that we have all experienced before – memory and regret. With the high school slice of life genre, it portrays the importance of living and enjoying the moment to its fullest, laugh or cry as hard as you can because before you know it, you’re just one of the passive grown-up in the workforce, struggling to the peer pressure and reminiscing the old days where you can actually meet those ridiculous yet true friends and hang out with no stress. It will show that nothing hurts more than regret, or the faded memories that you once treasured.

Overall, ReLIFE is a slice of life and a romcom with a twist that leads to exceptional feels. It’s both entertaining and comforting, to know that even if the memory is gone, the impact that you left and those words that you said could meant a great deal to someone in their life.




Give it a chance and enjoy this ReLIFE if you haven’t. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading! I’m giving it with a solid 9/10!