Throughout the century, Sherlock Holmes has become more than just a fictional character in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books. Although his appearance remains almost the same after so many adaptions, but there are always a few iconic characteristics that you can instantly recognize from him because only he’s able to pull off those deductions by just looking at the crime scene and proving it right with his knowledge.

To lay the ground-works, Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime on Detective Armed Agency with its gifted investigators that solve supernatural cases normal police can’t solve.


Ranpo Edogawa is one of the detectives in it and from all anime that I’ve come across ( though not many ) he resembles the most to Sherlock Holmes. He’s one of my favorite character which is underrated as well. The name actually came from a Japanase fiction mystery writer where the writer is inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so there’s bound to be some similarities when the character is made. To make sure we are on the same page, I’m using Benedict Cumberbatch’s version in Sherlock to do the comparison ( which is a great TV series ). Without further ado, their top similarities!

#1 Highly observant and outstanding deduction skills.

Bungou 5-2.JPG
*smirks are not allowed*

If you’re familiar with BSD anime, then the first impression he made in ‘Murder On D Street’ would have left an impact on how smart he is, in observing the little details that we won’t notice and linking them together, back to the motive and even the conversation before the murder occurs. All that, just in a few seconds, right in the middle of the crime scene where it’s deemed impossible to solve. His deductions may seem far-fetched at first but when he explain the whole process, you’ll be as astonished as that police.


He’s made his badass return recently in BSD Season 3 EP 5 when the manager of a cafe that they frequented has been harmed by a bunch of international criminals to threaten the agency. Despite the criminals’ secluded location which changes frequently, zero clues left behind and their ability to escape the international police, they messed with the wrong agency and this is the last lesson they will learn.

#2 Arrogant and ignorant of trivial stuffs


*great mind only stores great knowledge*

Ranpo has no regard for common knowledge when he’s not using his ability because it’s not necessary to know things that are not useful for his cases. His incredible knowledge and deduction skills are the ones that made him the smartest around the agency, and like any smart people, he sometimes will refuse to do works that are not up to his level. He would also brag about his status in the agency. In other words, he can be arrogant and tease others sometimes but when the situation calls for it, he can be serious and calm, making extremely precise deductions – like the case of predicting the crashing of Moby Dick in season 2.

#3 Brutally straight-forward


*there, he said it*

Facing Ranpo is no joke, he could decimate you with his honesty while not realizing how hurtful those words could be. But, he’s always has his reasons to back it up, of course, also adding a few more sarcastic comments behind it. His words hurt but they are most often true in the situation and he really meant them, summarized by one of his quotes is – ” Times like these are when the truth is the most effective. ” He doesn’t beat around the bushes, which is one the characteristics that I really love that and I find very similar to Sherlock Holmes.

#4 Rare and kind-hearted


When all is said and done, deep down inside, he’s as kind-hearted as Sherlock. Although they don’t show it much on the surface but they are willing to do anything to save their friends and accept cases to help others. After all, they are both detectives, and they are really precious.

Ranpo, says that his ability ‘Ultra Deduction’ is a gift but he knows that it’s not true at all, the whole agency knows that yet still highly respect him. He’s like an ultimate strategist and brain that you could count on, has a special interest on snacks just like Sherlock’s addiction to smoking, a substitute to calm themselves with the chaos of the world.


You’ve been expecting this, aren’t you? The iconic ‘let me explain’ scene on every smart character in the anime universe and Ranpo of course, has it too! So, this has been quite fun, sharing my thoughts on Ranpo, although every characters in BSD has their quirks but I find Ranpo to be the most amusing one.

FINALLY: BSD is underrated. Thanks for reading. Until next time!