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Oh, life. IF you could only choose one hobby, what would it be? Something that gives you a breathing space to escape your hectic life, something that you would very anticipate to do and enjoy. I’ve not really gotten into anime until last year’s August because back then, I often associate anime with something lewd and degrading which kinda just throw me off from my intention of going further into this journey. Until one anime movie that changed my whole perspective. And so, I’d begun my journey until now. These are the reasons that I find likely for anyone to watch anime as a hobby, or maybe even more: –


#1 It can kill time.

Like any other hobbies, watching anime is VERY effective in time-killing and at the same time, keeping you entertained during your leisure time. A typical one episode has 24 minutes, one typical season has 12 episodes, if you found the right one, it’s not impossible to finish one season per day. Plus, it doesn’t involve much physical activities other than changing the seat position and movement of muscles in your facial expressions.

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#2 It’s fun.

Who doesn’t enjoy fun? Anime has various genres to choose from, be it an adventure to another world, a trip back to high school’s life or melodrama that warms your heart and tickles your bone. The facial expressions on the characters are also one of the kind, that you can’t copy in real life but only enjoy it through the depiction of them in anime. They can send chills down your spine with the wicked smile or makes you laugh out loud with their oddity. And they never cease to amaze.

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#3 It has something to resonate with.

Most anime, although fiction, has characters that you can resonate with. You can feel close to some experience that they have been through, understanding their decision from their perspective and often, finding your own characteristics reflect back from them. The way the characters are portrayed can make you understand them, and yourself better. Although they are not real, but they are, in a way, the representation of our society. So, it’s not weird finding yourself in a situation they are in sometimes, though not as important as saving the world but perhaps they have a lesson that makes you think twice before acting.


#4 Immersive experience.

Unlike TV shows or movies, what differentiate anime from them are those 2D characters in their virtual world. The characters live and die in their own story world. They do not have a backup plan when their show ended nor another role in a new anime, which is why they represent the very essence of their own show. This is also the reason the voice actors behind them can always present the best of their characters, acting and pouring emotions by putting themselves in their characters’ shoes.

Knowing that the characters are their own self, you’d come to appreciate them more and the quirks that they have as you immerse yourself deeper in their story.


#5 A warm community.

Anime fans, they can be quite obsessive sometimes but it’s a passion that could not be abandoned that easily. Unlike fans of famous TV shows such as GoT ( which I heard ended quite badly ), anime fans have always got other topics on anime to talk about after one ended. Although not many are interested in anime except the long-running One Piece, Naruto .. but when you found the right ones, you can talk and discuss to your heart’s content with them. Discovery like this is like uncovering a lil’ secret group that gives you a sense of belonging with those that loves the same thing as you do and they will never let go of you.

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End Notes

From all the anime fans out there, we welcome you into anime world.

Hope this will reach out and inspire someone, someday. Thank you for all your support that made 10 followers possible. And as always, thanks for reading!