Spring 2015 || Plastic Memories || 13 episodes

To avoid any confusion, this is the review of the labelled as tear-jerking Plastic Memories. I did not cry but I found the story to have a very interesting concept, and I really enjoy the portrayal of it.

Tsukasa is an eighteen years old graduate that is assigned to SAI Corp which is responsible for the creation of “Giftias”. He was then partnered with Isla, one of the highly advanced androids with a lifespan of 81,920 hours where all her memories will be erased afterwards. As the time passes, he eventually develops love towards her. But, time is ticking and he must eventually come to terms with his feelings for her before it’s too late.




” Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

The synopsis itself might sound a bit disheartening, so are some of the critics but if your instinct is telling you to watch it, then you should follow it. The very first episode is impactful enough to keep you going but yet there’s more to that.

This is a cheerful and heart-warming anime. There are awkward yet cute moments ( a bit cringy romance ) that will make you adore the main characters and the side characters as well, each with their own quirks. Of course, Isla stands out the most with her many expressions and her clumsiness which just steal everyone’s heart. The story portrays a fictional world where the technology has made its advancement to another level that robots with emotions are possible, however, with a certain lifespan. So you should already know how the story is going to end, and yet you won’t be ready to hold your tears for it.

The main grasp of the story that moved me is how one’s memory and personality can simply be taken away and the tool that used to activate it, is a ring, the very symbol of happiness and future. We seek to create memories as much as possible to cherish those little moments but yet some memories will eventually turn into a curse, they can warm us up inside and tear us apart at the same time.

She didn’t want to hurt him, but he doesn’t want to lose her.

So the real question that arises from this anime is, will you still seek to create memories with your loved ones, even though you know you will eventually lose them and even though these memories will shred you apart afterwards?

The answer is yes. Up to a certain point, we will all lose something or someone precious to us, someone we hold dear to, someone we can’t forget and we don’t want to forget. We will still do everything we can to create the memory, cherish them and to be with our loved ones because in the end, we are all human and nothing hurts more than regret.


And that’s all, everyone. I’ve made an AMV of it a while back so be sure to give your support on it, I’d appreciate it a lot. And as always, thanks for reading! ( 8/10 )