Movie || Karigurashi no Arrietty || 1 hour 34 minutes

Hello groovy people of the Internet! Today, we are going to explore our big wide world from a smaller perspective, literally. Upon finishing this, I realized that this is one short review rather than a throughout-analysis of it, but Arrietty’s world is definitely one that I would recommend you to take a look and delve into from her and your perspective.


In a big big world, Arrietty is a small small girl. She lives with her parents in a small space next to a human garden.  They are known as the ‘borrowers’ which borrows items from human world to replenish their necessities. And they do this in the dark, without the owner realizing it and when the shadow can cover their trace.

However, one day, a boy Shou arrived at the house and witnessed this strange occurrence of ‘borrowing’ in the late night. This is one discovery that could possibly cause Arrietty and her familiy their lives. But when his eyes and her eyes met, it changed their looks on the world forever as they establish a bond never before seen.


maxresdefault (19)


The Secret World of Arrietty is like a dream, nothing more, nothing less.

By Studio Ghibli, the art and the song are the essences of the this movie. The art can portray the miniature yet creative house she lives in with her family and the huge yet detailed inside of the house from a little people’s perspective. The way the nature depicted from a perspective of an ant and the attention it’s given to every single droplets is kinda amazing. Adding it with the rich scenery, and you’ve got some visually stunning wallpapers from it.

The song and the sound effects on the other hand, is very soothing. It’s not something amazing to wow at but it fits the scenes and the whole mood perfectly with its soft and gentle touch. By doing so, it managed to wrap us up in the atmosphere, be it a rainy day or a sunny day, classic weather that we can feel from behind a screen and sink right into it.

The story is rather bland and it consists of almost nothing exciting except a maid turned evil. It doesn’t have a proper reason to explain the origin of little people or a definitive ending, it’s just simply a pluck of a story, a fairy tale that someone has always wanted to see. The way both Sho and Arrietty met is something unique in a sense of discovering a whole new world which brings excitement, although not long-lasting to them both, it sparks a light in their listless life, like they’ve found something precious, like Columbus discovered a new land.

Fate is what tied them up but their bond shared is one thing they couldn’t hold on to, a precious experience that lead to inevitable departure. Nothing more, nothing less, just like a sweet, sweet dream.



I hope you enjoy it and that I’ve managed to capture the beauty of it.

As always, thanks for reading! (8/10)