Fall 2014 || Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso || 22 episodes

April, where the sakura blossoms. Your Lie in April was one of the tear-jerking anime that I discovered after Plastic Memories, and it didn’t hit that hard for me for certain reasons other than the fact that I might be cold-blooded. The major reason is that the climax involving the female protagonist, Kaori wasn’t really shown and only Kousei who was shown to be deeply affected by it. The tears that he dropped didn’t get to me, but don’t misunderstand, it’s still a great show nonetheless. However, I might explore it with a review from different perspective other than how sad it is.




An anime about a light-hearted school romance of teenager, simple and colourful school life filled with laughter and enjoyment, never-ending adventure life and the simplicity of being a 14-years old. If you’re looking for an anime like this, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

Your Lie in April is filled with despair and unbearable situations, so turn away now when you still have a chance. The anime shows the struggle and the pressure, jealousy that has to be overcame in order to obtain success, pressure that will destroy a childhood, struggle that will consume every inch of the soul, so, turn away now. You won’t find a happy ending here, only an ending that can warm you heart enough to perhaps, make you cry.

Despair and unbearable situations. A child being reprimanded and forced to practise music by his abusive mother who leave bruises and marks on his arm that forced him to wear long sleeves shirt. A mother who has taken away his childhood so that she can train him as a puppet to become a successful pianist that herself cannot achieve.

However, through his struggle and pain experiences, he only realised later on that all the things she do, the pain and the dark memory she left behind has paid off in an unexpected way. The true meaning behind her action, the consideration for his future, to be hated by her only child, has far surpassed the pain he endured. It was then he realized that his mother would never give up on him, and was always there for him, supporting and accompanying him. It was only then he felt her warm love, her care and how precious is her image as she slowly plays the lullaby for him and fade away.

Jealousy and pressure. A genius pianist being labelled as a dead puppet following and stickler-to-the-rules on how to obtain the perfect score, without feeling and without emotion. The emotion burden a child has to face, the jealousy that ignite other kids to follow on the genius’ steps, to surpass this genius rival by training relentlessly.

However, it is only with these two factors that can force one to grow up. To surpass the very expectation set and to learn from every mistakes. A reason to continue and to sharpen the skills that one possessed. Someone to look up to, someone to learn from, someone to share experience with and a reason to keep going, never giving up.



An optimistic Kaori and pessimistic Kousei are the ones who gave the story its meaning. They are the opposite of each other and these polar attracts. It was at the last episode that I understand the name of this anime – Your lie in April. Such a simple name yet it contains so much emotions. Such a simple lie that has hidden so much thoughts. Such a fragile life and yet she lives so freely, dragging the friend A out of his dark past, into the future he deserves. Such a precious life, yet such a short time to live every moment with her friends. Such a violent girl, leaving worst impression possible, yet so beautiful.

I wasn’t ready for this, to think this will be a typical slice of life genre type of anime. I can sympathize but not completely empathize Kousei in the end. Nevertheless, it’s well made with each song on point, rich animation and certainly well-deserved its rank.

” Do you think you’ll be able to forget? ” -> I think I won’t.



On a side note, I only feel the strong aftertaste of bitter-sweetness in the process of making this video which I think summed up the whole anime with a song. It did change my view on it and I guess you can only discover something precious if you look at it from a different angle. When all is said and done, Your Lie in April is certainly something to take a closer look at, for feels or for lesson. ( 7/10 )

As always, thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!