How do you know you are enjoying something, or at least you enjoyed it? Is it a smile on your face after the credit scene rolls; is it the laughter you had that you can’t stop; is it a happy ending for the characters that’s been through so much or just an overall feel that says ” Wow, that was real satisfying. ” ? Whatever it is, like most shape of entertainment, the reason why we watch anime is to be entertained, to enjoy it and not just to analyse it from a critical view.

So, today we are going to close off the rating system for a while and just have some hella fun with these anime!

Gekkan-Shoujo Nozaki kun


Summer 2014 || / Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun || 12 episodes

It’s not the story about a playboy, but rather on a high school girl, Chiyo Sakura that is deeply in love with the oblivious Nozaki. Just when she finally confesses to him, he gave her an autograph. As it turns out, Nozaki is actually a shoujo manga author under a girl’s pen name. With this, a series of misunderstandings continue to entangle which eventually lead to her to be one of Nozaki’s manga assistants. She does get closer to him, but will she be able to express her real thoughts when there’s so many quirky friends around them?

It’s raining ..

Remarks: Compared to most of the romcom which involve at least a bit of drama, Gekkan-Shoujo Nozaki kun has another refreshing take on comedy and unrequited romance. Adding with the OP by Masayoshi Ooishi with its light-hearted beat and playful moments, it’s irresistible to just enjoy the slice of life with its art style and the facial expressions which can tickle your bone and make you laugh to your heart’s content.



Winter 2014 || Noragami: Stray God || 12 episodes || Review

Yato, is the self-proclaimed ‘Delivery God’ which takes on trivial jobs for 5 yens around the city to collect enough money to build a shrine that he’s always wanted. On one unfortunate day, a girl, Hiyori pushes him out of the way from the incoming bus. Remarkably, she didn’t die but her soul has somewhat become loose and to be able to leave her body without her control of it. Realizing that Yato is actually a god, she demands that Yato returns her to normal. Upon realizing that Yato needs a weapon partner to do that, she reluctantly agrees to help him to find a new one.

With her help, Yato might just be able to have a shrine with millions of worshipper that he always dream of, and perhaps, a life more than that.

” Buy me some time! “

Remarks: Noragami is one of the finest examples on the harmonic blend of action and comedy. It has action scenes with the demons, comedic scenes on the interaction of characters and emotional moments that come when you least expected it. Noragami Aragato ( the 2nd season ), in particular steppe up and managed to bring out the best of the quirks of these ensemble of characters from the foundation of the first one. And surely enough, enjoyment is one of its best element for the fans!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi


Winter 2016 || The Town Where Only I Am Missing / Erased || 12 episodes

Satoru has an ability, to travel back for a few minutes before the tragedy around him happened. He would use this ability to notice the small details to prevent the accident and in turn, saved many lives with this ‘Revival’. However, when he was wrongfully blamed for murdering someone close to him, he finds himself suddenly travelled back to when he was a child. In order to save the person that is important to him in the present, he must connect the clues in the past, which seemingly involves the abduction and killing of one of his isolated classmate, Kayo.


Remakrs: Surprisingly, ERASED isn’t about romance at all. But it embodies mystery and supernatural in a detective-style way that it can give space to subtle awkward romance. It can tug your heart and warm you heart with its story. The camera work, the stunning art and the amazing opening ( Re:Re ) just add many bonus points to the anime. The ending has yet another beautiful ring to it which gives the whole anime a satisfying closure.

Mahoutsukai no Yome


Fall 2017 || The Ancient Magus’ Bride || 24 episodes

Chise Hatori, has the ability to see spirits. As such, she was ridiculed and abandoned at young age, both by her relatives and her peers. To find a place she could call home, she offered herself to be sold at an auction which a tall masked gentleman bought her for five million pounds. He reveals himself as Elias Ainsworth – a magus and brought her to the world of wonderful and dangerous creatures where she begins her new life as an apprentice and the supposedly magus’ bride.

Remarks: Ancient Magus’ Bride is a captivating and touching story, balancing between light comedy and moody ambience. It’s great not just in elevating the heights of fantasy or magic but also at giving the context and insights of the characters that you can emphatize, not just symphatize with. It shows that life is something precious and fragile, it all depends on how you love it.



Winter 2011 || GOSICK || 24 episodes || Review

Gosick is a story of an adventure, romance and mystery. It begins with Kujou, a foreign student at Saint Marguerite Academy that is shunned by his peers because of his black hair as the ‘Reaper’. He took a visit to the school’s enormous library in search of ghost stories and to confirm the urban legend of a ‘golden-haired princess’ that appears around the library.

Little does he know, it was not a legend but a doll-like girl that is both sarcastic and smart. Together, they are to solve mysteries and as they get closer to each other, their fate will entangle and untwine, for the best and for the worst.

She likes sweet foods.

Remarks: Gosick is easily one of the anime that goes under radar because of its seemingly generic storyline and average art. But it’s proven itself with the build up of mystery and most importantly, the interaction between the Reaper and the Princess. Solving cases that put their life at stake, will they get a happy ending they deserve? You’ll have to see it for yourself.

End notes:


Thanks for reading! And do give these anime a chance if you’re at least a bit intrigued by it, they are WORTH IT.

I’ll be back next week.