( tribute art by Bach Do/Dishwasher1910 )

When I first heard of what befalls Kyoto Animation, I was speechless. Not because of how tragic the incident was, but because that feeling of lost hasn’t hit me yet. I didn’t know what I should feel at that moment. It was only when I saw so many messages, articles and video paying a tribute to KyoAni, thanking them, then their feelings came flooding into my heart.

It was then when I realised that the impact of Kyoto Animation has gone far more than being confined to the anime fans community, it extends far beyond the virtual world. It reached out to the world and inspired, changed numerous people’s lives for the better and is still changing.


The art of their anime style is not just on the captivating animation and vivid characters but how every single anime that they’ve made has this feeling instilled inside – humanity and the sensitivity to the wonders of ordinary life. However the story twist and the characters develop, they all revolve around the essentials essence that made us human. Emotions, feelings and all the experiences that we had and will have, made up who we are. It made up, the characters inside their story world; Kyoto Animation in our story world.

The thing that they have done, is more than just creating anime for entertainment, but a much more inspiring and valuable gift to us. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Free!, Hibike! Euphonium and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya each has a different impact to everyone, holding a special place in their heart alongside their own story.


Clannad: After Story evoked the deepest pain and regret of losing loved ones. And it helps so many people through their suffer and their loss. It showed them that they are not alone.


Violet Evergarden brought back the realization of the significance of emotions to us without us realizing it. It shapes love in many form, and that, our emotions could be the most precious things that bond us all and made us feel truly alive.


K-On!, though how cute and adorable it may be, depicts an accurate definition of friends and dream. It relished the moments to be cherished and to be remembered. It gave some a new feeling that they’ve never experienced and an attachment to four cute girls they won’t forget.


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions shows that it’s OK to be different and to just be yourself, no matter how the world denies it. It gave courage to many, and like a light that shines in pure darkness, gave hope that somewhere out there, oddballs that fight for what they believe in still exist. It blends love with acceptance, and most importantly, it warms our heart.


A Silence Voice has a girl who cannot speak, spoke with her action and her heart the most meaningful message to a boy who bullied her. It was love and redemption. A story that brought tears and smiles to many people and even saved some from the brink of suicide.

What’s left of the fire are not just the ashes, but the realisation that KyoAni has brought so much emotions to an entire anime community of our era. We laughed, we cried with KyotoAni and we will continue to.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you, Kyoto Animation.

by Ethan_07 ( one of your fans )