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A short review on why AoT reached the top of ratings and that it well deserved it.


Attack on Titan, ever since it kicks off way back then, has employed one of the oldest trick in the book of element of surprises. It builds a solid and harmony foundation that’s been sustained for 100+ years and then at the very beginning, it crushed this to dust.

But it doesn’t stop there. Again, and again, it spiced up the story with more twists and bamboozled everyone with more questions than answers that we are revealed to. Emotional torture increasing level by level, deaths piling up after deaths, with far too many good people and loveable characters die for no good reason. This makes one could not help but wonder – was it all worth it?

– Damn right, it was.

This was shoved right into the face of those who intended to drop the series. The explanation to all the unknown intention of Titans, their origins and what is beyond those tall stone walls are revealed one by one, bits by bits. Everything that has happened to them so far has brought an impact to how the characters develop, how they perceive the world and how they intend to save it.


Looking back to the actions and ideal of some of the characters, especially Commander Erwin, every dots are connected as a whole. You understand why Levi made that decision, you empathize with the tears dropped by their comrades that turned Titan and most importantly, you miss the old days that they shared. It’s as if you’re by their side witnessing everything, all the way to the end of it.

This has just brought a realisation to how brilliant the foreshadowing was and the build up of the story with the characters’ perspective, not only the decimating events with hordes of Titans. There is this bond between them that is inextinguishable, and thus, the choices they have to make are the ones that resemble them, not just for the sake of the plot. This eventually rise the emotions to the peak at one particular point. A choice with the strongest will.

All in all, this season and this part of Shingeki no Kyojin has dealt a great impact to the whole franchise. As it marks the end of their struggle, it only highlights the beginning of their real journey .. against the world.



And with that, I can proudly say that I’ve finished the binge-watching of AoT within a week and it ends with a bang, for now. As always, thanks for reading.


( especially for the ending song with those flashbacks )