Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara has a vague feeling of loneliness to it, it’s a word that I cannot describe, or rather, one single word could not capture the essence of it. Allow me to ask you this first:

Have you ever tasted something sweet tinged with sadness?

Iroduku, serve this bittersweetness with a soft and gentle texture. The story focuses on portraying feelings and emotions, rather than words and action. As such, it has a slow pace, gently taking the characters development step by step forward, introducing role of each character that bring changes to Hitomi. It creates a melancholic atmosphere around them, changing how the romance and drama works with the drape of normal yet colourful interaction.Their interaction is perceived as something fragile, something precious and handled with so much care. Yet, there’s just this feeling that it won’t last.


A sweet taste is given, when they cheer for each other, stood by each other’s side when either one is feeling down and, they bonded. It was a mutual feeling that captured her stagnant heart and ours, as we watch the events unfold and drops of colours disperse in her story. A bitter taste, where you can feel this strong and deep bond that is connecting them, and the thoughts of how it would end is just unbearable. The more memories she make, the more she’ll want to stay and the more painful she’ll be when the time comes.

You know how it’s going to end, and it still hurts.

The departure is simply inevitable, but you wouldn’t want it to happen. PA Works added merit points in enhancing this through the captivating art and song. They played out one of the best blend of colour and creativity in this magic-themed world. The talent of this powerhouse studio is put into display through the diverse portion and the magic effect beneath the starless night and dazzling sunlight. Adding with soft tunes, they did a great job capturing the essence of the show.

Overall, Iroduku being an original anime, is quite a beautiful and memorable story. It reframed the taste of bittersweetness with its subtle plot and characters, extending it throughout all episodes and giving a strong poignant aftertaste. A taste I think I won’t forget for a while.



End notes

Despite the story being quite slow-paced without much drama, but it does did a well job in presenting the feelings of it. So, why not give it a try alongside the emotionless Hitomi to discover a world of vibrant colors?

That’s it for the weekend, thanks for reading. (8/10)