Imagine you’re in your bedroom. You saw a cockroach on the wall. It’s a cockroach that can fly. You blink, and now it’s gone. You’re tired and all you want to do is to sleep. So you close the light, trying to sleep but there’s this tiny clapping sound of wings from time-to-time circling around you. You’re now worried. Where is it hiding? When will it stop? Is it alone? How long do you have till you need to wake up? You don’t know, and every time you close your eyes, you couldn’t help but wonder, will it come to you?




Another, is one of those horror series that employs the element of horror with so-called ‘accidents’ or ‘coincidences’ that one would not expect. In another word, it hides death in plain sight. The establishment since the first episode is that there is no visible murderer or orderly sequence to things that will come. It is this fear of unknown which makes the formula of horror inside much more thrilling and chilling for the characters and the audiences.

Because basically, there are no clues as to what you should expect. The whole story world is enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere and the characters are simply too weird to get a grip on. It is choking, and it is blurring the vision to confuse you what is real and what is not which makes it hard to be not astonished every time when one new event comes up.


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You take a step back, hoping to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to make sense of it. But there are only fragments of dots left which only serve to hook you deeper into it. It leaves you craving for more information, witnessing more ferocious deaths and understand that the closer one gets to the truth, the more immense the fear grows to become, the easier one is prone to lose rationality.

Because deep inside, the fear of death is more powerful than death itself.

The producers show this fear not only through the characters’ reaction but also fading in and out the eerie sound effects that elevate the tension of suspenseful moments and gore blood effects that screams ‘run!’. These are the merit points to the plot that send chills down the spine and they are well delivered with the arts that fit the atmospheres. Adding some plot twists and character development in Mei especially, the story becomes much more fascinating.



And in the end, there is no end. The story continues like an unwanted legacy as it leaves the audiences to imagine the fear, the drama and the horror being passed on to the next batch of students where another horrifying fate awaits them.


End notes

The turn of events fit the timeline of 12 episodes quite nicely, so I’d say it’s certainly worth a watch especially if you dislike horror-themed anime, because it’s good! (8/10)

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