With the exception of the sunset huggging scene from Clannad: After Story, the final letters from Plastic Memories, Your Lie in April and the disappearance of Kanade in the hugging scene from Angel Beats! because they are some of the most well-known moments amongst tear-jerking anime. So, today we’re gonna go a different course for this ‘feels’ trip!

There has been many instances that anime hit close to me, and I think each of you has your own stories that resonate with some moments in anime. Most of the time when we are doing something that seem stupid and impossible, we would want to tell ourselves that we can do it. As hard as everything may seem, it’s possible and we really want to do it. But it’s not that easy to find reassurance of others that can comfort us so that we know our efforts are not wasted. That even without talent, even with your own pace and methods, even when you have to work really really hard,


Because at moments like this, everything becomes clear and the heart is set at ease. Anime leaves this impression that someone out there feels that same bitter pain as you did, and as portrayed, these characters managed to find that one person that understand the process. And you will find the one that could comprehend your thoughts and believe in you more than you did in yourself. They are the ones that can point at you and say that even if you don’t show it much and sometimes your action contradicts your thoughts – that person right there


Sometimes, people are criticized for their inability to understand or misunderstand a simple thing. But, it’s not a flaw. It is actually part of a journey that everyone’s been through to create a bond that can take in empathy and sympathy when dealing with others. It’s a clear statement that emotions are powerful and these sadness, anger, despair, happiness make us feel alive. They enrich us with experiences as a form of fragments that compiled to shape our personality and change the way we see others. When tragedies hit and regrets sunk in,


Just cry and step back up from the same feeling that brought you down. Because cries evoke deep emotions, perhaps it is the strongest one that people could affect others with. And there are various reasons that anyone could find to cry, some because they found a reason to love others more than they love themselves,

maxresdefault (13).jpg

some realized that they are not alone in this chaotic world, and get to experience

maxresdefault (12)

to have found someone that cares about them and their silly dreams,


while some lost an important match that they’ve freakin’ poured their soul in,

Haikyuu - 24 - Large 36.jpg

the faded memories that are too precious to be forgotten,


for a beautiful memory that surpass and break free of the constraint of time,


and regrets that are yet to be reached out with feelings that are just unbearable.


Because in the end, it’s not about the promises that we didn’t get to keep, but the thoughts that we shouldn’t have made that promise that haunts us. It haunts us all, but we’ll get through it eventually just like each and every of them that comes to terms with the situation and the messy feelings.

There are certainly many reasons to cry for, but there are just as many reasons to smile and laugh for. So from this point on, it’s time to live up the life.

Here’s the list of anime:

  1. My Hero Academia
  2. Mob Psyscho II
  3. Death Parade
  4. Wolf Children
  5. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
  6. Noragami Aragoto
  7. Haikyuu 2nd season
  8. Tokyo Ghoul Re:
  9. Ishuukan Friends
  10. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Accept this virtual hug and you’ll be alright now. Thanks for reading.