Kanata no Astra is something done damn right and is undoubtedly one of the dark horse in this season. It is something that easily goes under the radar because of the dull poster, unattractive plot with generic shounen characters that has personalities that everyone can deduce. However, it exceeds bar of expectations and rose to the top.

It has a simple yet compelling beginning.

Everyone is lost in space, with only a deserted spaceship. But the studio excels in showing this scenario and subtly planted seeds throughout 10 episodes, waiting to be reaped in the end. Blending shivering tracks and chocking atmosphere, a thriller sub-genre is slipped in that could send chills down your spine. The events unfold, the conflict rises, the twists emerge one by one to get us and them closer to the truth. The setup of ambience is elevated accordingly with it as the camera rolls back to present the very core of the show – they are all alone.
They have no one they can truly trust, no one to rely on, they only have each other.

Just when all hope seems lost, teamwork joined the room.

With trust on short demand, it was not a pure friendship.

They have to aid each other regardless of their true intention to survive. With that, the diverse quirks of the characters are no longer just eccentricities, but the vital skills they need to survive in various unprecedented events, all while complementing each other’s weakness and utilizing combined advantages. It was a captivating portrayal of unity amidst all the uneasiness in store, and it was delivered well.

Then, the characters take the spotlight.

Kanata is the athletic leader that can punch realization into others, with a bit of recklessness and playfulness. Charce, is the right-hand-man with exceptional knowledges on biology. Air-headed ArieS is the one who always seems clueless, yet serve as an important link between the members. Zack, the tech and mathematics prodigy. Ulgar, the quiet and mysterious boy with seemingly ulterior motive. The list goes on and on, with insights on the characters being revealed one by one.

They are seemingly not connected, but they don’t know it yet, that they are brought together for a reason. A reason that has enclosed themselves in a frame for so long, that they would not have found their purpose and their identity in life if they weren’t together in that spaceship.
And it’s thrilling to deduce and see how it all tie together.

The animation is handled by Lerche.

This studio once handled ‘Assasination Classroom’ with its colorful characters and ‘Classroom of Elite’ with its psychological outlook. As such, facial expression and character design spells out the characteristics of each character. The characters are given a subtle clue on their expression of what they are planning to do next and a glimpse of how dead serious they can be with each of their act. It is this element that gives us, the audience a chance to do our guesses on the mystery unraveled, analyzing the extent of their action that gives away their thoughts.


Overall, it is the silly interaction and their warm bond they have that captured the essence of Kanata no Astra, making it much much more entertaining. In the end, it connects everything from the beginning to shape the bonds created and to end the story with a perfect closure that befits their whole journey. With that, they begin their new journey.

End notes:

Thanks for reading. Kanata no Astra certainly exceeded my expectation managed with both the story and the characters which it links together as a whole. As such, the end and the beginning with the journey all deserve a 9/10!
Now, experience it all unfold before you eyes.