Unless you’ve been held prisoner in Area 51 for these few months or only watch classic anime like Detective Conan ( which is currently at episode 955 ), there’s no way you haven’t heard of Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba. A manga adapted by ufotable, a story on an innocent brother that joined the Demon Slayer Corps to avenge the death of his family members and to protect his sister that was turned demon. It is one of the most popular anime in this summer, and gained more attention because of the last moment in episode 19.

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But, what makes Demon Slayer so overwhelming and highly rated?

Everything. Absorbing sword styles that dance on each other; breathtaking scores that are both fierce and gentle; colorful characters in their design and personalities; daunting blend of shounen and historical genre; elegant portrayal of memories and death and a touching bond depicting a desperate brother that only want to protect his little sister.

It is not confined to one particular aspect to make it so great, so absorbing, breathtaking, colorful, daunting, elegant and touching. It is this harmonic blend that gives rise to one of the greatest scenes anime has ever pulled off in its whole history because to make up that moment, it takes in everything. This gives a big slap of realization to show the world that even with typical shounen plot that recycles on training and killing demons, the best of the characters can still be brought out. This is the power of great storytelling and the characters are a major drive to enhance it.

Tanjirou, is a kind character without the naivety.

He was brought into the world of slaying demons with harsh lifestyle that he knew nothing off, but this doesn’t take away his core of kindness. This is why he is the most efficient character in bringing out the best of others, be his foes or friends. His passionate actions inspire others and his genuine words ring so true that anyone can feel the despair and anger he has. The voice actor, Natsuki Hanae knows this feels and he nailed it. Along Tanjiro’s side is the criminally cute Nezuko. She fiercely protects her brother and other humans who she sees as her family members. Despite losing a portion of her emotions and memories, she doesn’t forget the bond forged with her family members and this shines brightly when they support each other.

Also, she could shrink to fit inside a box.

Then there’s the drama king Zenitsu with the voice actor that sounds like he is the one having most fun with his whining, never-ending shouts and non-stopping complains. He is the most immature character that brings in laughter and seriousness in different scenarios, but the most thoughtful and realistic character when it comes to protecting a friend and facing death at its doorsteps. In essence, he is a scaredy-cat that runs and cries but he never gives up. This is one of the traits that makes him so likeable and when he sleeps, the real fun begins.

Inosuke, on the other hand is a bit air-headed, who always scream and fight while trying to understand others’ feelings. Despite his relentlessness, he could calmly evaluate the situation, someone you can count on (sometimes). There’s also the mature Tomioka, a masterful swordsman with no friends.


The main highlight of Demon Slayer is the unbreakable bond shared by Tanjiro and his sister, which is finally not sexualized in any way. It is this bond that add in the sympathy element in demons Tanjiro slain, because he understands that they were once human too, like his sister. This changes how he deals with demons personally, and it gives us a better insight on his determination to protect others. He can evoke their tragic flashbacks with his compassion so that we could empathize them to an extent. To understand their bittersweet stories and how a sad-happy face could look so mesmerizing.

Adding to the merit points are the comedic scenes with the sudden change of art style, presenting trivial moments as something silly. Along with the witty dialogue and sudden change of voice intonation of voice actors, the warm interaction of the characters are better portrayed and make us want to join in as well. Action drives the show, but it is the comedy that makes it much more ridiculously entertaining.

The animation is handled by ufotable.

Renowned for their work in Fate franchise, the fighting scenes are a charm with the use of engaging camera and transitions especially when each character has their unique elemental sword styles with various breathing techniques. The producers improvised these flashy movements that stacked one after another by adding weight to the hits landed to present a smooth flow. The characters’ facial expressions also played a major role for moments of resonance, with some accurately depicting the smile of kindness Tanjiro shows, a cold lonely look on Sabito’s face and the completely frightened Zenitsu. Everything, under their touch becomes a radiant mix of color playing well on each other.

The scores also set up the ambience perfectly.

LiSA, once again composed amazing OP and ED with their own recognizable rising beats and J-rock rhythms from Sword Art Online and Fate franchise. The pitch and sound works nicely with the fade of samurai-like-music, accompanying echoes of choir that keep us at the edge of our seat. But, it is the ending song ‘Kamado Tanjiro no Uta’ from episode 19 that really put the all the songs in Demon Slayer into a perspective and it plays off as the greatest orchestral climax. A soft and gentle beat that reached its height exponentially and bring back the theme of Demon Slayer – an innocent boy just trying to protect his sister. This is the most impactful and touching message that it left to all the audiences.


Overall, Demon Slayer is more than great execution of plot, stunning visual effects, cinematic soundtracks and playful interaction between the characters. Demon Slayer, tells the tale of how people connect and within the connection, some bonds can never be shattered. Demon Slayer is truly, a great work of art.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!