Perhaps one of the fun in growing up is to still be able to enjoy good animation as much as a child does. Because as we grew older, our perspective on ‘entertainment’ changes. Animated movies that we used to love as a child don’t seem that appealing anymore. The more that we see, the more we realize this. Somehow, most of us inevitably come to a conclusion that ‘animation’ doesn’t work for us anymore. But Pixar disagrees, to them, animated movies aren’t just meant for children.

But in recent years, there aren’t that many animation that could perform its magic ( Coco excluded ), not until Toy Story 4 came along. With the debut of the first Toy Story in 1995, a franchise that elaborates on the adventure of these toys has continued for about 14 years until it wraps up their whole journey in this supposedly, the final installment – Toy Story 4.



Toy Story 4 is perhaps, the most heart-warming and heart-wrenching movie in its saga. It is strongly connected to the main protagonist, Woody as a reflection of how far he’s come from being just a cowboy toy to Andy. It gives a new perspective on him that we do not see in the previous movies, and insights on his decisions back then that actually made all these adventures possible.

Because deep down inside, he’s not a superhero. As much as he’d like to accompany his owners through all the ups and downs, devoting his entire life in exchange to be by his owners’ side, he knows it’s not possible.



And in exchange for that, he feels the responsibility to protect what Bonnie, his current owner treasures the most – Forky, a new toy literally made by trash. Forky was oblivious to the concept of ‘toy’ at first, which is why Woody patiently and persistently teaches him about the value to toys to humans. On how they are actually amazing companions that help to create happy memories to children so that they could look back at their childhood and smile because of these toys.

Because, as he said, ” Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do. ” which actually reveals more about his character rather than Forky’s. His words are genuine and it feels wise, we know this because we’ve seen everything he’s been through to reach that moment of him giving the lecture based on his principles. Every single time, he will stubbornly hold on to his ideals until the power of friendship hit him. It slowly changed him, and made him a better person that learnt how to let go and that he doesn’t need to do it all by himself.



This is, one of the most beautiful concepts that Toy Story has always been able to portray but this time, it’s tinged with a little bit of sadness, almost as if he is now guiding a predecessor to continue this ambition. The way he acts, the way he speaks, it all just feels like he is a father figure to not only Forky but the rest of the toys as well. He thinks what’s the best for them, for his owner, but never for himself.

As such, Toy Story 4 was made. ( I’m sure there are a lot of other reasons as well )

Of course, aside from Woody, there are lots of fun moments with the old Buzz Lightyear and new Duke Caboom to anticipate. Bo Peep is also back with her sheep(s) as one of the leads! However, a new evil force is lurking inside an antique shop, with all the burden on Woody again, leaving him to make an ultimate choice that would change his life forever.

Overall, Toy Story 4 is a mesmerizing adventure that will make you chuckle like a child and an emotional ride that could make you shed a few tears. It is one that befits the whole journey they have traveled, with a lovely ending to the leader that they have always cherished, Woody the sheriff.

To infinity … and beyond.

Thank you, Toy Story.


And thank you for reading! If you’ve watched it as well, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and if you haven’t, you should go stream it illegally in any absolutely legal way to enjoy it. I made an exception here to review non-anime animation but I’ll be back with another anime review/recommendation next week, until then, cya!