Greetings ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all age. First and foremost, I apologize for being inactive for this whole month and leaving your side-entertainment blog not updated. I was struggling with keeping things balance but piling reports and assignments for my first-year-degree just take the fun out of blogging that I usually have. So, I stopped posting for a month to catch up with everything (currently trying to leap ahead). But for now, I’m back. Well, sort of.

Throughout the month, I also evaluated back the posts that I’ve made and the main problem that I identify with Anime As A Cup of Tea is the infrequent posting time that is randomized for any day within a week. Now I know that might be frustrating for some, but sometimes after finishing editing the last word, I just couldn’t bear myself to postpone it on a particular day every week.

Secondly, Anime As A Cup of Tea doesn’t really has a theme that it sticks to every week. The range of topic that the posts cover could be something as far as ‘A Formula To Happiness‘ to a review on Demon Slayer. It’s good to have a taste of surprise and anticipation every week but how can this be made better?

Thirdly, all of Anime As A Cup of Tea’s posts have grammatical errors and the over-spacing to some extent which might be annoying for some. The reason for the spacing is to give a clear distinction on each new things that I want to emphasis on, especially in the recommendation section to differentiate each anime. While for the grammar part, I’ll triple check everything and try to improve it.

With that being said, here are my plans that I’ve come up with:

Things that I will be doing for this season:

  • Seasonal reviews for a few anime (Stars Align, Kabukichou Sherlock, Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season, Chihayafuru 3)
  • One more recommendation before the season ends.


What I will be changing for the next season:

  • Constant posting time for reviews on Fridays, recommendations/others on Mondays.
  • Episodic reviews on at least one seasonal anime per week. (starting next season)


The changes you want to see:


( Know that I’m dying for feedback here so I’ll aprreciate any thoughts you have.\Also, check out the new layout of the website and have a great weekend! )