There’s a reason that the word “celebrate” holds a special place in our heart. When the word is mentioned, we instantly think of past fun memories that we had. Either with people gathering around, eating or drinking and sharing just about anything at all or sounds of fireworks, laughters and chats filling the void of the atmosphere. Even a moment of peace and break from our usual hectic works to do something out of the norm. It’s something to be cherished and in a way, we are driven by this festive spirit to enjoy ourselves.

Up till this far, I have a confession to make.

I’d never been to an anime convention before. They say that anime convention is a place of celebration, where the fans meet their real life waifus or husbando. A place where cosplayers are not some extraordinary beings, weebo can rejoice for their interests and get a chance to meet some actors behind the voice of anime characters. It all sounds so fantastical and captivating. That is, until I went to my first anime convention a few months ago.

It’s all real!

Suddenly, I know that feeling they are referring to and had a lot more fun than I expected. J-pop singers dominating the stage, cosplay competition, tons and tons of anime merchandise, photographers roaming for targets and homemade arts that I couldn’t help staring at. To even top it, Kei Takebuchi from Goosehouse made an appearance and sang many soulful songs, including the climaks part of Hikaru Nara, the opening of Your Lie in April. ( which I didn’t realize until she finished it )

A few days ago, I went to the biggest manga-anime-games convention in my country and the same amazement befalls me that everyone around gets to be so happy waking around in their own cosplay characters and delighted, when asked for a picture. And damn, it must feel freaking good for them to be recognized. ( On a side note, I didn’t get to buy some merchandises because there were wayyyy too many people )

But, it’s only then that I realized the importance of celebration.

there wasn’t any wind

It’s not just a day of gathering and having fun. We need a fuel to keep going, and celebration provides that fuel. It’s more than just a day of enjoying and to constrain yourself that you can only have that much fun on that day. In fact, it’s all the days lead up to it. The anticipation, the preparation, all the hard work amounts to it. We basically sow the seeds on days, weeks and months before only to reap those on the day of celebration and this is often forgotten by many. The journey there is as interesting as the destination itself, maybe much more than that.

Because once it’s passed, we have yet another and another celebration to go for. A purpose to be remembered. In fact, it’s an never-ending cycle. It keeps happening and happening, keeping you going and going. All the ordinary days you’ve been through might just be leading up to more than one things, sparks that ignite when you almost reach it. If you see the world in this way, does it motivate you and make you feel warm when you celebrate something, even just a little?

I truly believe it does, and it’s a feeling that would never fade out.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.

Also, Happy New Year 2020!

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