With a long tittle as “Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tsueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru“, you would wonder if the story is as messy and chaotic. Well, yes. But, not really. Cautious Hero depicts an ordinary man summoned to isekai by a goddess that can heal, as they embark on a journey with two dragon descendants to defeat a S-rated demon that is planning to dominate a world.


Cautious Hero is an isekai comedy that was never meant to be taken serious. Far from being overpowered at first, the hero is overly cautious in preparation no matter how weak the opponent seems to be. If there’s a comparison to be done, he’s that guy in the group that brings two umbrellas, a raincoat, two pair of clothes and a hat to the beach in a sunny day that was confirmed twice by weather forecast.

It’s ridiculous. It’s silly. It’s entertaining. It’s almost everything anyone could have thought of, combining the cliché jokes and moments with various over-the-top facial expressions from Rista and her voice actor that seems like having way too much fun. Then, there’s the calm and composed Seiya with no reactions and no feelings whatsoever.


With this duo, what could possibly go wrong?

S-rated demon underlings that is both way unpredictable and powerful, two dragon-descendant party members that have little to no power, a goddess that is worth lesser than medicine herbs and legendary weapons seemingly out of reach. This isekai defies many of the unspoken laws that governs the world of isekai, and within every step, it makes fun of it. They even have a portal that they can retreat to haven anytime.

However, the embodiment of comedy in this show lies in the way the words are expressed, along with the excessive actions that come with it. This is repeated and applied into many different scenarios under various mood that the Hero is under, from various camera angles. And even so, the laughs are never-ending with Rista around here.

And I think that’s the beauty of it.

On what she meant for him.


But it is only after I finished the series, I realised how powerful the execution of the story was. As it all links together, this comedy isekai evokes something that I never thought was possible with its premise. It takes the story, the reasoning to a whole new level.

And I think only this is only possible with the comedic values inside, which makes the sentiments for it becomes far more better and valuable. Charlie Chaplin once mentioned something that I think, also fits in the storytelling and cinematography here:

“ Life is a comedy in long-shot, but tragedy when seen in close-up. ”

In the end, it all makes sense.

Cautious Hero is a comedy when see afar, but look closer, and you might discover the hidden beauty of its tragedy.

Thanks for reading.