I’m back. Finally, I’m back. I was taken by quite a surprise for having received this nomination by In Asian Spaces – which talks about anime, manga, k-drama and pretty much things you can relate to its names which is quite interesting, especially the raccoon design on their blog here. So, I’d like to thank them for it, and without further ado, let’s start!


The Rules

  • Display the logo
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  • Leave seven questions for nominees to answer

Questions by In Asian Spaces

  • Can you remember the first anime you ever saw? What drew you to it?


Yes, I believe it’s either Crayon Shin Chan or Katekyo Hitman Reborn, since these are quite famous back then for us kids in Asian countries, or at least, in mine. Hitman Reborn, in particular left a great impact to us back then because of how diverse the 7 characters are, with each having different personalities and even rings/skills that suit them. The setting with the main wimpy character chosen as the head of a Vongola IV mafia family, and the interaction between him and his guardians is quite interesting as well which has some resemblance that reminds me of My Hero Academia.

An interesting fact is that I actually went back to re-watch all 150+ episodes of it before actually starting to immerse in the world of anime. It just kinda ignited my interest to discover and explore more anime of different tropes.

  • If you could live in any anime world – where would you go? Why?
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I couldn’t think of a particular one, but I’d very much like to live in a cross-over of a world between Attack on Titan and Violet Evergarden. Yes. Exactly. In a world where people dies mercilessly under the stomp of a titan, you know how many letters could have been written on behalf of them? How many emotions, how many great stories could be told behind each death? It gives me chills just thinking about it, and also some chuckles.

Like everytime someone dies, the story turns into flashback mode and you start to sob. How awesomely sad is that?!

  • Would you rather go to an urban, suburban, or rural high school if you had to in an anime?


Rural, that’s where the real freedom and fun begins. Almost all great stories begin with a young main character aspiring to be in famous universities in urban area or how they strive to be there. Somehow, I feel like the chase of something that seems impossible to be reached is much more interesting than just not having something to chase. At least, that’s what their action makes me feel like.

  • About how many shows have you watched from start to finish?

giphy (5).gif

About 200+ shows so far, I’ve only really begun watching anime about a year ago and it’s still counting up now ..

  • What is your least favorite anime, or one you dropped pretty quickly?

The weirdest one I discovered is Serial Experiments Lains which some claim to be a masterpiece, but I find it disturbing and not so attractive.


I guess that’s all on my part, now for the nomination list. I’ve traced back a little on the origin of Real Neat Blog Award and I ended up here, apparently it aims to promote other underrated blogs as well. So, here are 3 nominees I find interesting:

  • 7mononoke from Anime Rants ( anime rants and analyses, which lately has topics ranging from Tokyo Ghoul to Darling in Franxx )
  • Merlin from Merlin’s Musings ( because his blog is NEAT )
  • Rami from The Free Spirit Anime ( which has quite some good drawings )


I apologize for not being able to fulfill the nomination quota again, but I do hope that you guys would accept the tag and spread the positivity if you have time. Again, no rush. Here are my 7 questions:

  1. If you could change one anime’s ending, which anime would it be?
  2. Any movie that you wish you could reset from your mind so that you could rewatch it again and again?
  3. Who do you think is the most underrated character of all time?
  4. Assume that you’re a main character in an anime, what genre would the anime turn out to become?
  5. You can slap any character you want, who would it be?
  6. A gif that you can’t get out of your mind?
  7. A friend from an anime that you desperately need?

That’s it. I hope you guys have fun doing it! I’ll be back this Friday with a review on Vinland Saga and soon, the impression list on In/Spectre, Haikyuu: To The Top and Darwin’s Game.

Again, thanks for the nomination, In Asian Spaces and thank you, for reading!