The mystery genre never gets old. Sometimes the case can be as easy as clapping your hands, sometimes it’s enveloped inside layer upon layer of lies while sometimes it’s just a tragedy made up of strings of concidences. But whatever shapes they take, there will always be these couples to solve it, or at least in these five anime worlds.


#5 Kyokou Suiri

If you’re opting to solve a supernatural cases that involve fights with ferocious and seemingly invincible spirits, you could count on them to take on the case. One is a small-sized girl with smug smile yet is wise – Kotoko that is appointed as Goddess of Wisdom by the spirits. Tangled into her messy cases is Kurou who has highly regenerative skill and predictive abilities, which makes him almost invincible to any pyhsical damages.

Note: She has the tendency to cling on him whenever he’s near her. But if you need detectives that secretly care for each other, then they are your choice.


#4 UN-GO

The power of this team in UN-GO itself is a mystery. The child-like protagonist, Inga with the panda hat can transform into an adult woman and forces one to answer a question truthfully. The other male lead – Shinjūrō aka The Defeated Detective is the intelligent and analytical type, that makes him a great detective and the guy for hire if you need the absolute truth and clear explanation of the methods of crime.

Note: They are a pair of weird quirky duo, so approach them with caution.


#3 Dantalian no Shoka

Or if you need a little class, and a little cuteness in your detectives, then you can go for the leading pairs in supernatural cases – Hugh and Dalian. One is a trained soldier who has great marksman skills and a composed manner. The other is a Reading Princess who has a very deep fond to sweets and books of all kind. Together, they can solve numerous cases related to Phantom Books whenever Hugh is around to unlock her heart, literally.

Note: She has a grumpy attitude, which she uses to hide her real feelings. Don’t get offended if she irritated you.


#2 Cop Craft

If you need your cases to be handled by professional detectives in the right way and it might involve some out-of-space beings, then the duo you need is Kei and Tilarna. Kei has his ways of getting a solid results in his cases ( through any means ) but is a stubborn guy who’s hard to be convinced once he’s set up his mind. Tilarna is a bit out-of-control sometimes, but she has great sword skills and posses some knowledge about extraterrestial beings. However, they are a VERY impulsive and dynamic duo.

Note: You’ll have a hard time controlling them.


#1 Gosick

If you’re looking for detectives that you can trust, that has strong chemistry and is kinda supportive of each other, then this team is for the win.

Victorique is your typical tsundere who also love sweets and biscuit. She solve cases biting her blue pipe and is able to precisely reconstruct the elements of chaos to come to a bigger picture. By his side, is the rumoured Black Reaper that Comes In Spring who has great memory and serves as a protector of sort. Perhaps, he is the only one who can save her whenever she needs him to.

Note: They are a pair of underrated duo that has their own share of past traumas, so treat them kindly. Also, be aware of her abusive bluntness.


There is no guarantee that any of these pairs can solve your cases. But if you have seen them at work, then you’d know how to make the right choice. If you haven’t, then pick wisely and see for yourself, if they are worth your time.

As always, thanks for reading and happy hiring!