It’s been about six weeks since the winter season for anime has began, and yet another six to go before the dawn of spring. So far, the anime of this season have been quite good with some being promising, boring and a few that are hanging somewhere in between. The ones that have left quite an impression, at least for now are:

  • Kyokou Suiri ( In/Spectre )
  • Haikyuu!!: To The Top
  • Darwin’s Game


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#1 Kyokou Suiri

In the story world, we have a very engaging and self-righteous female protagonist that could deduce anything out of anything. Then, there’s a seeminly composed and calm male protagonist that somehow got grabbed to be her boyfriend. One wouldn’t see them as a perfect match because there’s just something sad and distant about them at a first glance, but slowly with their interaction, this feeling fades away and changes its form.

An interesting thing that happened while I was writing halfway through this post was that my mom saw this image of the duo. So, I briefed her on the story. And she argued, “The girl’s too short to be his girlfriend”. At that instant, it kinda just hits me. She is right, in every sense.

If there’s one word that can fit this duo, it would be – unfit.

Or more precisely – polar attracts. Because despite how annoying the female lead sometimes can be, there’s just something about her that makes the cases and the male lead more approachable. Even if you’ve known the solutions to the cases from a mile away, she has this I’m-always-right attitude to reach that conclusion. It’s like taking a detour through her own train of thoughts, the way she sees it and the way she wants it to be revealed.

Plus, she can ‘cheat’ with her connection to the spectres to obtain important real-time information. This takes her a step closer to the truth, and expanded the possibilities of cases she can take, stories she can be involved in.

All of these, blending with the push-pull chemistry of the misfit, it will be a charm to see how the stories can develop more and more.



#2 Haikyuu!!: To The Top

The Haikyuu!! franchise has always been great at building up tension and excitement for the fans, and the characters alike. But, one of its specialties is also in its character development. In the Karasuno team consisting of about 10 members, the story can be executed in such a way that the development of Hinata and Kageyama can affect the balance of the team. It will, if my expectations are correct, influence others to motivate themselves or discover new tactics to be exercised as a team.

” One for all, and all for one. ”

Learn, practice, do. The cycle goes on and on, starting from one member, moving on to the team as a whole. And with them, it never gets bored. So far, it’s quite highly rated and with the pace the story is aiming for in this development arc, I believe they can go to the top, and beyond.





#3 Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game’s first episode’s first four minutes was awesome. It embodies everything I expected if one is to blend mystery and action together. It has enough information to let you deduce how the game works, yet not enough to fully understand it. It creates anticipation for the whole episode by setting up a death that seeminly unrelated to the story at first, only to tie and connect it as the story progresses. It even has another opening prior to the opening with the image of birds, a man and a butterfly. And after the first episode, I was hopelessly hooked.

The idea of creating clans, being absorbed into their story world and meeting more and more characters with different quirks in a life-and-death survival game has an interesting charm to it. So far, the formula to it is quite simple.

A twist under a twist, protagnosit-winning-in-critical-moments moments, blood, new characters to sympathise with, and tears from time-to-time. By cycling this formula, I think the story can expand on and on. The only thing left, is how they might insert subtle hints inside and reconnect them for a big reveal.

But I wouldn’t get ahead of myself, for now, I’d like to learn more on the new characters and more little moments are created from here on.


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End notes

For this season, I’m still expecting the finale of Master and Queen match from Chihafayuru 3, the ultimate U.A. festival from My Hero Academia Season 4, the motives behind Moriarty from Kabukichou Sherlock, laughs from Isekai Quartet 2nd Season and more of the Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which I’ve only started recently.

With that being said, this is all from me. How is the anime of this season for you so far? Any delightful or disappointing ones that you can’t get out of your head?

Feel free to share your thoughts on them. Thanks for reading!