Silver spoon is synonymous with wealth, especially inherited wealth; someone born into a wealthy family is said to have “been born with a silver spoon in their mouth”.


Silver Spoon or Gin no Saji, is a slice of life anime with agriculture theme that explores the meaning of its own title in another perspective – by atttaching one physically and emotionally to the livestocks that are usually presented in a plate. It places us and the main protagonist, Hachiken in a new viewpoint to experience first-hand the cruelty happening inside the slaughterhouse, the fate of the livestocks and the burden that have shaped invisibly.



But what made it awesome is not only its realistic capture on the agriculture or why we should be grateful for the foods we have. It is the fun it contains and this makes one wants to join in with them. It’s a feeling that we all had. This is because if you ignore all those horse-riding, egg-collecting and cheese-making daily routines in farm, Hachiken is no different than any of us living in the city.

Sure, not everyone ran away from his/her family pressure to an agricultural boarding school in countryside. But like many of us, he gets himself more and more friends and get involved in a lot of things he didn’t expect to. He laughs out loud, he sobs and cries, he jumps and runs, he falls into cow’s turd and he falls in love.



And coloring his story, is the playful and silly interaction with these eccentric friends and teachers in the school’s dorm. He is forced to interact, to take action to do things that he wanted to but subconsciously denies, and to take that regret that he’s been immersing himself in to truly enjoy once-in-a-life-time moments. 

Romance remains as a sub-plot while comedy focuses on the exaggeration of trivial things and predictable jokes, which is one of the element that creates a warm and friendly atmosphere exhibited by them. It feels like something we’ve seen or experienced ourselves before, and it’s presented again before our eyes.



Adding the cheerful soundtrack and blending with melancholic piano sound, it gives different scenes extra feels. The opening “kiss me” by miwa is really fitting while the ending “Hello Especially” by Sukima Switch just elevates the entire sweet and warm atmosphere the story world is enveloped in.

The studio, A-1 Pictures had done such a nice job in the soundtracks, and if you like them, you’d be surprised on how they made the second season to be much more mesmerizing and beautiful in various ways. 



Overall, Silver Spoon is an anime that gives you goosebumps with its soundtracks and flood you with nostalgia with its heart-warming story. It brings you closer to Hachiken and him, closer to himself to experience something called ‘life’.

And like life, there are things that you can only learn by experiencing it.

And wherever you are, you’re never alone in it.

That’s just how it is.


Thanks for reading. It’s been a fun review.