Winter 2020 is ending! ( for seasonal anime, that is ) One thing that we are not lacking this season is the mystery element, which has been embodied in quite an amount of anime. There are some great ones, bad ones, with some right in between. This is where Darwin’s Game came up. It’s a game with just enough fun and suspenseful moments to keep you at the edge of the seat. If anything, I think it’s worth a watch, especially if you want to binge-watch it.


The first few minutes in the first episode has splendidly captured the essence of mystery and awesomeness that had attracted many to this series. They reveal just enough information about the game to hook the audience and then leave us with a male protagonist that is just as clueless as us.

Then, once the ground rules are cleared, the potential with its premise are explored deeper with the idea of clan-creating, currency-exchanging, events-joining and a lot more features. The design and their ‘quirks’ that they have are really interesting in a way that there is a room for more. Each of their ability can be utilised to a greater extent, depending on their application. This is something that is portrayed well.

For the characters, there are two three cute ones, with the one above being a wise informant that has the ability to predict a few seconds into the future. Besides, subtle hints are also planted to the real potential of truth-or-lies detection ability, and ‘copying’ techniques of Kaname. So eventually, it all comes down to how Kaname and his team will play this dreadful game by any means that they can think of.

That’s it. Other than this, I don’t think there’s a lot to say about it. If you watch close enough, you’ll realize that Darwin’s Game is merely a hype machine. Almost every ending is set for the next episode, the ambience it created and the cliffhanger it inserted all serve the purpose of building the anticipation.
Events triggered by events creating domino effect, new characters are introduced and then eliminated, it’s a never-ending battle royale out there. By cycling the formula of twists, blood and tears, the story can go on and on. Depending on your preferences, you’ll either grow to hate this or love it.

maxresdefault (35).jpg

The art, on the other hand, is done by studio Nexus, which also handled Granbelm. Some fighting scenes are made to be quite simplistic while the real showdowns have decent animation for the audience to keep up with. The opening “CHAIN” by ASCA is thrilling and entertaining while the ending “Alive” by Mashiro Ayano is just fitting when blended in at the right time.

Overall, Darwin’s Game is best enjoyed as it is. Up till now, I think it’s really hard to decide whether the rest of the journey would be worthwhile or not, and the reason is quite obvious. Based on how the story has expanded so far, I think we won’t be seeing the end of this that soon. So, that leaves you with two choices – read the manga or wait indefinitely for the next season.
Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to play Darwin’s Game or not.

Thanks for reading.

( I have an announcement to make next week, so stay tuned! )