Ah, now I’ve gone and done it. I just couldn’t resist the light-hearted comedy and the warm interaction in it. So, let’s get into my first episodic review on the first episode of Kakushigoto – Secret/Wishes!

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What is this episode about?

It begins with Hime Gotou, holding a key to a storage room on the hills, given by his father on her 18th‘s birthday. Fitting the key into the keyhole, she is about to unlock the secrets of her father that remain hidden for her entire youth. Out of a sudden, strong breeze flies the manga manuscripts all over her. As she gets a closer look on it, bang! You guess it. Flashbacks begin, probably lasting for 12 episodes.

Throughout this episode, the audience are brought up to pace with what her father does and the struggles he’s having. He’s quite a popular mangaka that draws somewhat vulgar manga and doesn’t want his daughter to know this. For example, he’d change his clothers right after he sends his daughter away in the early morning ( even earned the nickname Clark Kent from a shop owner ).

He has his own team of assistants in his drawing workplace, each with quite a unique name and presents a good combination of seriousness, laziness and fun. His daughter, Hime also has her own group of friends that form their own imaginary detective agency. Their mission in this episode is to investigate a nameless hero who saved a cat from drowning.


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Any interesting moment?

Yes. The father’s name is Kakushi Gotou, and he made a splendid pun on his current situtation: ” Ore no kakushigoto (secret) wa kaku shigoto ( drawing job ) da. ” His voice actor also voiced for Ranpo from Bungou Stray Dogs, Izaya from Durarara!!, Levi from Attack on Titan and much more. That’s why his witty and sarcastic remarks are right on point, and just makes the heartwarming moment elevated even more.

Hime also mentioned how mushoku ( jobless ) can also mean colorless but it also means that one can color them all kinds of colors. She is voiced by Rie Takahashi who also voiced Megumin fron Konosuba, Emilia from Re:Zero and a lot more. Her gentle voice matches Hajime as a young child and added a bit of kindness to her personality.


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Lesson learnt?

I’ve actually wanted to try and create another episode title on what I’ve learnt for some anime. Hence .. the tittle of the post. I want to reflect that it’s the little moments that matter for him, and makes him the happiest father on Earth. And I appreciate the portrayal of this, it’s a sort of a reminder that we should just enjoy the moments we have now. Nothing more, nothing less.


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Last words:

Kakushigoto’s changing art style really fits the manga and the light-hearted comedy that it depicts, the soundtracks are pretty good as well. I think this is gonna be enjoyable. I look forward to improve myself on these reviews, and just enjoy for the sake of it.

Thanks for reading, and stick around for the coming episodes!