From a few Google searches, I found out that although ‘dad’ and ‘father’ seems to have quite the same meaning, they are not the same at all. In short, a father is defined to be the one who contributed to the creation of us and is biologically related to us. However, a dad is the one who is always there for us – listening, caring, sheltering, nurturing and simply, connecting.

With that being said, let’s get into Kakushigoto Episode 3 – Makeshift Circus/The True State of Manga and Muscles.


What is this episode about?

This week on Hime’s to-do-list:

  • Discover a similar house to the old house ☑️
  • Bring friends to house ☑️
  • Bring an aspiring-to-be-idol high school girl into thw house ☑️
  • Save money by turning air-conditioner off ☑️
  • Act maturely (like a grandmother) to take care of the house ☑️
  • Help an Indonesian house assistant to cook dinner ☑️
  • Running-training with dad for the coming sports festival ☑️
  • Inspires dad to learn to make a bento that is not curry/gyoza (dumplings) ☑️
  • Inspires dad to build a harem find a suitable mom ☑️

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Any interesting moment?

Within the first 60 seconds of the episode, the mystery of Gotou’s secret life deepens. Just when I think I have a grasp on all his secrets, Hime discovers a house with a similar layout to her Nakameguro’s house. And later on, a subtle hint is given to imply that this was made intentional by Gotou who requested to reconstruct the house. So now, I’m left with unsatisfied curiousity, wanting to learn more about it.


Lesson learnt?

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they are changing people by taking their clothes off!

Sometimes, our skills needs to be sharpened in order to keep up to the ever-changing world out there.  It’s how we take the first step out of the comfort zone, and improve ourself for the better. And somewhere along this line, your work and words could be impacting someone without you even realising it. As Koro-sensei said it, ‘a professional assasin has more than one skill’.


To conclude?

Gotou, with his many skills, is trying his hardest to give Hime a better life. Whether it’s about the ‘poor’ state that she misunderstood they are in, or the absence of a mother in her childhood. This gives a hint of regrets on something not being fulfilled by him, with some comedy twists on it. And so, he tries to think of many ways in getting a mom for her. Hime, noticing his actions, just honestly says that:

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This made Gotou realised the true feelings of his daughter and in a way, forged a deeper bond with her. It made him wondered if every efforts that he’s done is all for naught. But at the same time, listening to her words, it gives him a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. This creates a sense of relief and warmth inside his heart – maybe it’s not bad after all, to be able to be the only one that can protect her and watch her grow up.

After all, she is his precious daughter and he is her treasured ..

Screenshot_20200417-113136_Samsung Internet.jpg

 single dad.


Last notes:

Geez, this has become more intriguing with each new episode coming out. I think I’ll wait impatiently for the next episode for more of its comedy and hearty interaction between Gotou and Hime. Until then, this is Anime as a Cup of Tea.

Thanks for reading.



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