What is this episode about?

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  • Gotou asking his assistants for their pen names. (and is harshly rejected)
  • Hime’s doing fortunetelling using names. (Gotou’s luck is bad in artistic jobs)
  • Gotou bench-chatting with Hime’s teacher in the park at sunset.
  • Hime asking help from the Indonesian house assistant in fortunetelling.
  • Gotou and his editor work together to come up with a new pen name. (‘Yamikishi07@3rd’)
  • Hime, actually performing some rituals to summon a spirit, with the house assistant. (summoned Gotou’s editor instead, and had him entranced)
  • Gotou learning drawing from the aspiring-to-be-idol high school girl. (along with other children)
  • Hime drawing a picture at the zoo, from a tiger’s perspective.
  • Gotou, continue to let his overly-cautious imagination runs wild .. and unknowingly had a date with Hime’s homeroom teacher.


Any interesting moment?

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The irony. The inner conflicts. All the efforts that are about to come. Triggered by one single question.


Lesson learnt?

A new perspective, both metaphorically and physically can be rewarding at times. It’s like discovering a new way to do the same job that you’ve done countless times before. The only problem is that, these perspectives do not just ‘poof’ out of nowhere. You are the one that make this connection. That is, if you pay enough attention.


To conclude?

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Trope involving misunderstanding is employed a lot in this episode. Like, a lot. They are staged for comedic effects, and were delivered well. It creates an immersive fun, of which I didn’t notice how fast the time passes by. But more importantly, we get to learn more about Hime’s mother and Gotou’s love towards her. This added much warmth to the ambience of this episode but at the same time, leaves a strong poignant aftertaste.

However, it makes one feel good to know at least, they are not alone at all. Someone dearest to this father-daughter pair is watching over them, wishing the best for them, and guiding them for the best. Their very own ..

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.. guardian angel.


Last notes:

In this episode (Normale Namae/Komawari Sketch), there’s a back-and-forth story narration between Gotou and Hime, giving us two sides to relate on. Two different perspective, like a contrast made between Gotou’s secret life and Hime’s normal life with him. I haven’t noticed this until now, but in the end, they both went to the zoo together and both their perspective are united as one, in that single drawing.

I think it’s quite an amazing plot execution, but who knows? Maybe I’m just ahead of myself again … Nonetheless, if you could pick one moment that you enjoyed the most, what would it be? I’d love to hear it. As always, for the few of you, thank you for reading!


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