What is this episode about?

Kakushigoto criticise

  • Gotou becoming one of the judges for a newcomer award. (笑)
  • Gotou offering constructive criticism to his assitants and participants. (笑)
  • Hime collecting chocolate candy to win a can of toys. (笑)
  • Hime fainting. (笑)
  • Hime having a girls’ night with her maid, the idol girl, her teacher and Gotou’s editor. (笑)
  • Gotou having a bathrobe party in a hotel with his assistants. (笑)
  • Gotou receiving a DIY gold medal from Hime. (笑)



Any interesting moment?




Lesson learnt?

Screenshot_20200502-122727_Samsung Internet.jpg

As cheesy as this sounds, don’t stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit! In one way or another, it will definitely make you stronger as the taste of success will become much more sweeter, in comparison. Because in the end, it’s your choice to continue on the thorny path or just follow a simple route.



To conclude?

Gold metal KAkushigoto

Gotou writing on the medal is something that I didn’t expect. He claimed that it is a marking so that he won’t forget about it when Hime’s found someone that she loves more than him. So that, being silver in the future can be more bearable. But I actually think there’s a deeper meaning behind his words.

I think he wanted to encourage himself that he’s done a great job in raising Hime so far, and this medal is a proof of her appreciation in her age. It might not mean much to others, but it is what defines him as a dad. As a doting dad that she can count on, and will continue to.

Even though she doesn’t know what will happen in the future, this was a memory that she would never forget. An award given to her father, for being by her side in that night, and making her childhood a memorable one. An A+ dad.

Kakushigoto cry

A gold medal.


Last notes:

Five episodes in and we already see some tears from both Gotou and Hime. The boxes are indeed, proven to be left by Gotou to Hime which just adds to the fact that something happened to Gotou. And Hime sobbing, while hugging the boxes indicate that it wasn’t something minor. With the tag of slice of life and comedy, could this end up tearing people’s heart apart? The mixed feelings have just been stirred faster and faster.

With these lingering feelings, onward to the next episode!



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