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What is this episode about?

  • Hime reading piles of books on dog care, and somehow, made her dad cried.
  • Gotou creating his own ’10 Commandments for Manga Artists’.
  • Gotou getting hugged by a dog at the park.
  • Hime taking care of the adopted puppy which, in a way, connects her with her mother.
  • Gotou discovering a new manga series that copied his drawing styles.
  • Gotou casually copying the art from that new manga series.
  • Hime cooking curry rice for dinner, by following the recipe left by her mother.


Any intresting moment?

Hime’s homeroom teacher, Ichiko-sensei mentioned that she adores Satomi Ishihara, and a few years later ended up with a bit curvy hairstyle and the same touching-hair-posture that Satomi has. Hime’s mother is also revealed to has quite a great resemblance to Hime when she was a child. The phrase ‘looking like the thing they love’ take a literal interpretation here.


Lesson learnt?

Kakushigoto Episode 7


To conclude?

Kakushigoto Episode 7

A dog is likely to live for about 10 to 15 years. The first box was prepared for Hime when she turns 8. And she found the rest of the boxes, when she turns 18. In the last scene before we cut to the ending, Hime’s teacher mentioned something about having both good news and bad news. So, I have two theories to propose:

#1 To end in a postive note, the good news would be something about Gotou waking up from a one-year coma (Hime received the key on her 18th birthday, but shed tears to ‘Happy 17th Birthday’ scene from last episode) that is caused by accident of some sorts. Or, Gotou came back after his disappearance when Hime was 17 (prepared boxes in advance). However, due to certain accidents, Gotou might not be able to write another manga and/or walk again.

#2 Hime’s mother is probably still alive (because her absence hasn’t been confirmed as death yet) and is out somewhere polishing her art skills (as Hime’s grandfather seems like a successful painter). However, something happened to Hime’s mother which caused her to lose her memory of Gotou and Hime. This provides a chance for Hime’s grandfather to prohibit them from seeing each other, until certain conditions are fulfilled. (which is why he is labelled ‘terrible human being’ by Gotou)

There are still some questions remain, such as the design of the layout of two similar houses and frankly, more information is needed to deduce it. But the thing that connects these two theories is that there’s a promise involved. Because Gotou couldn’t take care of her till the end, he prepared four more boxes for her when she was 10 (in current story timeline), for when she becomes 20. He wants to take care for her, until she can take care for herself in this 10 years, just like how long a dog can be by her side. Made by him,

Kakushigoto Episode 7

a 10-year-promise.


Last note:

Then again, I might just be getting ahead of myself. However, it would be fun and heart-warming to see the rest of these secrets unfold in this direction. But what I want to see the most, is not just the reactions and feelings of Gotou and Hime’s, but also the people around them that care for them. So, with some mixed feelings, I’ll see you in the next episode.

Thanks for reading!


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