What is this episode about?

Kakushigoto Episode 8

  • Hime choosing a name for the puppy. ( ended with Roku Goto )
  • Hime saving lives with her air-headed kindness.
  • Gotou having his 100th chapter of Tights in the Wind published!
  • Gotou tailing Hime, with Roku in his bag.
  • Hime excitingly invites her friends to her next birthday party.
  • Hime (in present) watching the ocean with a lifeless and lonely facial expression.


Any interesting moment?

Kakushigoto Episode 8

Besides Hime and Gotou, Gotou and his editor also makes up quite a dynamic pair. Their interaction is made interesting based on the push-pull and push-push idea where either they both are against one idea, or they both accept it. This does manage to create a warm atmosphere sometimes, but the rest of the times, its ridiculousness just shines.


Lesson learnt?

Kakushigoto Episode 8

“No matter how much you plan out your life, you always have to compromise.”

But, by pushing it in a right direction, a compromise could result in something better than what you initially thought. Rather than being stubborn all the time, surprises can be created with some assimilation of new perspectives into the original idea. The rest just depends on how you use that surprise to your advantage.


To conclude?

Kakushigoto Episode 8

The secrets of the two houses have been revealed! Apparently, the one in Nakameguro is where Hime used to live with Gotou, when she was 10 (tagged ‘new house’). The one in Kamakura is where Hime found the rest of the boxes and is where she is, in present, reminiscing her peaceful childhood (tagged ‘old house’).

So, in short, the three of them were living in the old house for a while until an incident happened. Then, only the two of them moved to the new house which is also when Gotou started his weekly serial manga. But that old house has a special meaning to him, it’s why he clings on to it so much that the new house is reconstructed to look the same.

This is probably because he wants to retain the warm and nostalgic atmosphere of the house the three of them used to live in. So that, he wouldn’t forget about Hime’s mom and that he could assure himself he’s not alone. The house shelters this family of three, reminding him of the times when the family was still complete. It’s because that they can’t return back to that serene life, Gotou appreciates Hime even more. He wants to do what he can do now, so that everything he’s done for her would be more than just

Kakushigoto Episode 8

a precious memory.


Last notes:

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next week in the episode nine, tittled ‘Your Lie in December’.


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