What is this episode about?

Kakushigoto Episode 9

  • Gotou’s assistants begging him to take them to the year-end-company-party.
  • Gotou excitingly wait for Christmas to come.
  • Gotou’s editor (Tomaruin) inviting Gotou’s house assistant to the karaoke party.
  • Hime mistaking her father for a sensei.
  • Hime getting scouted to be magazine model.
  • Gotou getting publicly striped of his suit.
  • Gotou’s editor running off with his coat.
  • Gotou sharing a hearty chat with Hime as they walk home together.


Any interesting moment?

Kakushgoto Episode 9

At this point, I kinda symphatise Tomaruin but at the same time, I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling in this scene.

A few online searches (one of the trivia from IMDB) lead me to a fun fact that his editor, Satsuki Tomaruin is named after the phrase “tomaru insatsuki” which also means “stop the presses”. This actually alludes to why sometimes he seems to be the worst editor out there, apart from bringing in comical relief with his messy and clumsy attitude. But even if his role is set to be destructive and annoying, he’s still trying his best. So, stop hating on him!


Lesson learnt?

Kakushigoto Episode 9

We are having a little Japanese class today. Exactly as it says, shiwasu is the old name for December in Japanese calendar. In kanji, shi (師) is masters. Su (走) means run. So, it’s a pun of sort which means everyone, including the normally calm and composed sensei (school teachers, mangakas, doctors..) are in a rush and hectically running as they want to get everything done by the end of the year.

Basically, shiwasu (師走) in this term refers to busy sensei running around in December. You might have noticed this when Hime calls her father a sensei as he ran past her because she misunderstood that everyone who runs in this particular month is a sensei.


To conclude?

Kakushigoto Episode 9

About 30 seconds before we cut into ending credits, one of Gotou’s assistants broke the fourth wall. One customer went in the bookshop to buy a book named Manga Artists Who Disappeared where Kakushi Gotou is one the three names listed. I’m assuming that the term ‘disappeared‘ here refers to that they are not heard anymore in the manga industry, either has quitted on their peak, changed their pen name or has left the industry completely. Because in the end, this assitant ( Aogu Shinji ) said a decisive sentence: “That’s a lie.”

So, summarising what we have so far:

  • Gotou, his wife and Hime used to live together when Hime was at least 1-2 years old.
  • Gotou gave at least a part of explanation to his assistants, editor and probably Hime’s teacher before disappearing.
  • Gotou most likely disappeared when Hime turns 17, and it was not voluntary/for something more important than Hime.
  • Gotou has been gone for at least a year, while Hime is now 18 years old in present story timeline.
  • Hime’s maternal grandfather is a famous painter, who gave her the name ‘Hime’ and is on bad terms with Gotou.
  • Hime’s teacher has both good news and bad news that are yet to be said.


Combining the two theories that I’ve proposed before with these information, the disappearance of Goto seems to be related to his wife, or perhaps he was hospitalized/restrained somewhere due to some circumstances that are not fully disclosed to Hime. Whatever it is, eventually, we’ll have to face the fact that behind his kind smile, lies

Kakushigoto Episode 9

a bitter truth.


Last notes:

Thanks for reading. As gloomy as everything seems to be, I am pretty sure that there’s much more to death and sad ending for the father-daughter pair here. Or, at least I want to believe so. Let’s look forward to what the next episode will unfold. But before you click away, here’s a smile to brighten up your day!

Kakushigoto Episode 9



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