Kakushigoto Episode 10

What is this episode about?

  • Hime being a bad girl. (ate all the chocolate stocked for winter)
  • Gotou being a bad boy. (lazy to draw any manuscripts)
  • Gotou falling sick for the first time in the whole year.
  • Hime worrying for her father, with all his friends inside a same room.
  • Gotou and Hime staying next to a haunted room in hot spring inn.
  • A part of the truth.


Any interesting moment?

Kakushigoto Episode 10

From a Google search, the name of the room clerk at the hot spring inn, Sharapova is likely a reference to ‘Maria Yuryevna Sharapova’ who is actually a Russian former professional tennis player that retired from her 19-year professional career due to her health issues. Interestingly, I think this is an Easter Egg to what’d happened to Gotou that was explained at the end of this episode, when he had to reluctantly quit the job that he’s done his whole life.


Lesson learnt?

Kakushigoto Episode 10

Secrets are something like embarassing truths. That’s why anyone would try to hide it, be it benificial or detrimental. As lie piles up on lies, the effects of it after being exposed would prove to be more harmful than its initial damage.

However, in this case, Gotou was only trying to build an impression with his naked photos, which he used as a camouflage to sell himself as a gag manga artist. One of his assistants was right when she casually mentioned this. It’s one of the harmless secrets that he’s been hiding in order to continue to entertain his readers, and it’s hard to judge it right or wrong. In fact, one shouldn’t. It’s always up to that person to decide this, and deal with the aftermath of it, however cruel it is.


To conclude?

Kakushigoto Episode 10

It was revealed that Hime’s mother was among the 8 people who were lost at sea, possibly due to a plane crash. But it’s because this tragic accident relates to Gotou—especially when he is a gag manga artist—that made him felt like he couldn’t draw anymore. Having the devastating truth about his private life exposed, he feels that a gap has been created with his fans, that he couldn’t make them laugh anymore as his readers wouldn’t enjoy his works as much. However, like his editor says:

Kakushigoto Episode 10

He didn’t. But his self-complexity made him quit his gag manga that he really enjoyed doing. And in a way, that might have changed him, which will lead back to when Hime is 18 in the present timeline.

This episode is a game-changer that reveals Hime’s mother’s whereabouts (not in literal term) and events that might have prompted Gotou’s later disappearance. A large part of the puzzle pieces have been completed, and everything now moves forward to explaning the next steps of Gotou after retiring from manga-drawing and the reason of him leaving Hime. Bad news and good news, they all converges to the final

Kakushigoto Episode 10

secret reveal.


Last words:

Thanks for reading! Hime’s having her 11th birthday party and Gotou’s “Tights in the Wind” manga is coming to an end in the next episode. It’s about time to wrap everything up.


Kakushigoto Episode 10



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