Kakushigoto Episode 11

What is this episode about?

  • Gotou having a meeting with his editor and Hime’s teacher about meetings that they’ll be having.
  • Gotou’s assistants happily planning trips and activities to do in future.
  • Gotou almost lost his job due to his editor.
  • Hime screaming after hearing creepy voices coming up from a well.
  • Hime setting up a meeting table to discuss birthday parties.
  • Hime celebrating her 11th birthday with her dad.


Any interesting moment?

Kakushigoto Episode 11

The irony. You never cease to amaze me, Toma-RUIN.


Lesson learnt?

Kakushigoto Episode 11

It’s crazy how we can take everything for granted until we lost it. Just like in Kakushigoto, this dad-daughter pair are having a peaceful life but deep inside, we know that it won’t last. We are reminded of this since the very first episode. And I think appreciating and loving something even though you know you will lose it, sometimes hurts more than not thinking about it. It’s why we can feel the warmth captured along with this picture. Like any picture with our loved ones.


To conclude?

Kakushigoto Episode 11

Gotou is giving Hime a 2nd birthday party, as he promised. It’s the first time that all the important characters are assembled in this series to celebrate her birthday. But as a contrast, only her dad stayed with her at the end of the day. This reminds us of how important she is to her dad, and her dad to her—which is what Kakushigoto is about. Although Gotou hides secrets from his daughter, it’s with no bad intention and is purely out of his care for her. There’s a warm and soft tone in his voice, cheerful and happy tone in hers. This is enough to portray a happy family, and I salute their voice actors for it. But for the final episode, could the 18-year-old Hime recovers

Kakushigoto Episode 11

her faded smile?


Last notes:

Kakushigoto Episode 1

And with that.. we are back to where we started. I’m gonna miss this. I really do. The first episode was tittled “Kakushigoto” while the last episode is tittled “Himegoto“. They both meant “hidden truths” or “secret”. It’s a pun to their name, “Hime Gotou” and “Kakushi Gotou“, which I think is a subtle yet powerful way to start and end this story with.

So, with a heavy heart and burning curiousity, I’ll see you in the next episode!


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