Kakushigoto Episode 12

I still remember that moment when I decided to write weekly reviews for Kakushigoto. It was because the show was warm, yet lingered with a poignant feeling. I hadn’t planned for it. But for them, I’d do it. I’d try it. Whether it turns out to be good, or bad.

The premise is simple yet attractive. The dad, Kakushi Gotou has a deep passion in kaku shigoto (“a drawing job”) that he doesn’t give up on, even though he has to keep it as a himegoto (“a secret”) from his daughter, Hime Gotou. But could he hide it until the end? What does he actually love more: his kind-hearted daughter or his vulgar manga? Which makes him happier?

The answer was obvious from the start.


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Episode 1: The Thing that Makes Him Happiest..

The thing that makes him the happiest is for Hime to grow up healthily and have nothing but fun days ahead. He kept his job a secret even though he likes doing it, is just to spare Hime the embarassment.


Kakushigoto Episode 12
Episode 2: A Happy Life

It’s because he wants Hime to have a happy life—to be able to smile carefreely without judgements from others and to be able to choose the path she wants in the future.


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Episode 3: A Single Dad

Even though he’s a single dad, he always do his best to accompany her whenever he needs to. He doesn’t just brush away the requests that she made, but think of many ways to get it done. However ridiculous his methods sometimes can be.


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Episode 4: A Guardian Angel

He believes that he’s not alone in raising her. Her mom will watch after them by his side, just like he watches for Hime and Hime watches for him—like a guardian angel—making their lives a joyful and enriching.


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Episode 5: A Gold Medal for You

Because in truth, they are just content in being able to share these little moments together: him receving a gold medal from Hime, eating curry rice prepared by her, sharing burgers made by her and watching tv at night together. Nothing more, nothing less.


Kakushigoto Episode 6
Episode 6: A Normal, Boring Life

Just a normal, boring life. It’s all what they need.


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Episode 7: A 10-Year-Promise

And it’s because of a 10-year-promise he made with Hime, the moments he shared with her when she was 10-year-old was the most enjoyable. The peak of his career. The highlight of their warm interactions. The past that he wants to return to.


Kakushigoto Episode 8
Episode 8: A Precious Memory

It was all a precious memory to him, but he knows it all too well that time cannot be reversed. Whatever the outcomes are, he’ll need to face it. They’ll need to face it. Together.


Kakushigoto Episode 9
Episode 9: A Bitter Truth

This bitter truth lies beneath his kind smile, and her happy smile. Nothing can last forever. Just like the anime itself, and the relationship between the two.


Kakushigoto Episode 10
Episode 10: A Secret Reveal

Eventually, the secrets he piled up will be revealed—leading to the final secret that will either crush or save the fragile yet strong bond that they’ve created.


Kakushigoto Episode 11
Episode 11: A Faded Smile

Her smile will become faded, and her doubts will be arose as to why her dad treats her so kindly, that she didn’t deserve all this, and that maybe everything was just a sweet, sweet fabrication to the truth after all.

Is everything a lie?


Kakushigoto Episode 12
Episode 12: The Thing That Makes Him Happiest

No, it was not.

In the end, everyone has secrets. But to be able to confess them to your loved ones, is all that matters. It’s how people move on. She ran and ran, and was finally able to do something for him. She accepted him for who he is.

It’s because of this that he is able to remember all the bitter and sweet memories they’ve shared under the same roof. Even though he has to struggle with his multiple part-time jobs, he doesn’t just quit. He won’t. He has a fuel that keeps him going, a daughter that he cares for more than his manga. He’ll never let him go, and so does she.

They’ll continue to stay by each other side—as cliché as it can be—because all this was made possible by his assistants, her friends, her teacher and even his editor. They were all there for him, so he could be there for Hime: to give her a happy life.

And that’s the thing that makes him the happiest.

A happy life with his sweet daughter.

The end.


Kakushigoto Episode 12
“What’s your secret?”