Going on-air in 4, 3, 2..


Life.. is like a puzzle: half the fun is in trying to solve it.

In Japanese, the literal translation of “seinen” is “young man”. The term “shounen” genre that everyone’s heard of is targeted towards young male, while “seinen” genre is targeted towards adult male. Compared to shounen anime that has lots of passion and determination, seinen anime tends to be more conflictive, complex, passive or gorier.

Anime like Tokyo Ghoul, ERASED, March Comes in Like a Lion, Bungou Stray Dogs, Ajin and Vinland Saga are the prime examples of seinen anime with Sing Me “Yesterday” joining last season. Anime with this tag has a realistic touch on it, detailing the highs and lows of adult lives and a maturity that seperates it from others. There are no happy endings here, only joyful moments that temporarily fill in the voids—then life goes on.

Fun and game come and go.

Unless you can stop them.



Minare is a curry restaraunt worker. She was betrayed by her boyfriend, on the edge on losing her job, has her drunken rants recorded and broadcasted on the radio to the whole Hokkaido region. Yet, these somehow landed her a job as a late-night talk show host and ended up being the DJ some people needed. Why?

It’s because she is enigmatic. As straightforward as she can be, most of time, her words are incomprehensible and her actions are impulsive. She could get the money she needed in one second, only to lose it later due to other issues. She is really outgoing and seems to be able to get a good grasp on the reality, but her imagination often runs wild inside her mind—which is why she can be so “gung-ho” about everything.

But as an adult, her life is a total mess. Her monthly salary, her rents, her car insurance and her future all falls into the category of “?”, floating somewhere in the abyss of uncertainty. Her worries and errands are stacked up side by side, which renews weekly and sometimes daily.

It’s like a never-ending roller-coster ride, with all sorts of highs and lows.

She can’t just pause and stand still.

No one can.

Her housemate has dreams she wants to pursue and diffident she wants to overcome; her chief director has goals he wants to achieve; her best friend has cooking skills he needs to improve on. Everyone will eventually need to face the reality, and while as terrifying as it can be, we can only struggle to make the most of it—like she did.


wave, listen to me!

It might be not all sunshine and roses, but it won’t be just rains either. This is why seinen genre has a captivating charm to people who enjoy bland truism in life compared to fabricated and dramatic realism. Minare’s attitude in life has shown one of the essences of this genre. She’s not ideal, none of the characters are. But they are striving to live in the now, and worry for the future. If things don’t work, just change the methods to it.

Life is always bumpy. So, when peculiar and unexpected situations occur, handle it like a radio host: adapt, by being flexible. And when life gives you lemons, politely accept them. Don’t waste foods. Taste the sourness. Remember it.

And make a better lemonade than the last.


This is Anime as a Cup of Tea.

She is Minare Koda from “Wave, Listen to Me!”.

Thanks for reading and listening.

See you next time!