This is Anime as a Cup of Tea, serving the third par-TEA member of this tea series: white tea!

White tea, compared to other types of tea, is the minimal processed. It is harvested before the tea plant’s (also Camellia sinensis) leaves open fully, when the yound buds are still covered by fine white hairs. Then it is dried before it can oxidize, giving the tea leaves a pale yellow/white color.

Taste profile:

Floral, subtle, soft, delicate and herby.

Characteristics extracted:

  • Emotionally pure, sensitive at times and have a hard time expressing themselves.
  • Can be seen as introverted/conservative by others due to lack of social interaction.
  • Kindness are exploited at times, such as not being properly credited for their works.
  • Some have great analytical skills when it comes to developing tactics.
  • Appears almost emotionless and heartless to outsiders.

Labelled with:

Strength lies not in brawn, but in the inner tranquili-TEA you fill yourself with.




Origin: Death Parade

Memento mori.

A bartender. A try-hard. Looks detached. Sounds detached. Cold. Judges people seriously. Doesn’t understand humans’ emotions. Can be protective towards ones he care about. Doesn’t like violence. Respects guests, especially those who lived their lives to the fullest. Would try to crack jokes at unusual moments, hug people when they feel down, or congratulate them for their hard work in lives. Although he seems old, he’s quite like a children learning more and more about why people behaves the way they do, and how important it is to emphatise.

He makes the best cocktails in the bar.



Tsutomu Komano

Origin: Chihayafuru

Quiet. Anti-social. Desktomu. Always seen tied to his desk. Studies hard. After being dragged by a tomboyish girl along with his desk, he learnt the fun of karuta and that being smart is not everything. Although he was very reluctant at first, but he grows fond of the team members as they show genuine care towards him, rather just wanting to copy his homeworks like his previous friends. He comes to realise the important of the skills in his studies, and uses them to collect information about the opponents to lay out strategies against them.

He’s the nerdy general on the team.



Alphonse Elric

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Al. Calm. Passive. Sensitive. Insecure at first. Compassionate, especially when it comes to small cats. Protective. Patient to a fault. Kind-hearted to his allies, and sometimes, even enemies such as Gluttony. Has a journal that keeps track of the foods that he’d like to eat after returning to his real body. Often needs to keep his brother from getting into trouble, which makes him looks more mature than his age indicates. Although he has a body of steel, but he can be sensitive and insecure about his appearance compared to others. But he’ll always be there to help pothers when they need it.

He is the armour that can shield + fight to protect his comrades, and especially, his bro.



Tobio Kageyama

Origin: Haikyuu!!

The only ones who will remain on the court are the strong.

King of the Court. A setter prodigy. Short-tempered. An overbearing perfectionist. Oppresive, egocentric at first. Although he can be seen as sullen and arrogant at times, but this is simply because he doesn’t know how to control his frustration, and is hopeless when it comes to discussing his problems with others in the right way. Because of this, sometimes he would face the fear of being despised and mistrusted himself until some comes to confront him about it. He sooner comes to understand the importance of teamwork and mutual trust, while learning to accept criticism and give out compliments.

Tobio (飛雄) – Flying Hero. Kageyama (影山) – Shadow Mountain.



Yashiro Nene ( right )

Origin: Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Friendly. Warm. Earnest. Ugly Horse Radish-chan. Radish-senpai. A bit of naive. Good at raising and gifting plants. Afraid of heartbreaks. Insecure about her fat ankles. Easily falls for charming looks. Often volunteer to help others, even if there’s a chance of great danger involving supernatural entities. Unconciously calls out for Hanako whenever she’s in danger. Although she is bad at judging men and can be extroverted, but she is pure and kind inside and finds it hard to express herself at times, which can entangle her with some bad experiences.

She can turn into a small fish whenever she’s in water.




Origin: Log Horizon

The Villain in Glasses. Introvert. Cautious. Strategical. Thoughtful. Independent. Socially-awkward, but does not actually dislike other people. A graduated engineering student. Has a soft spot for in-game beginners. One of the legends in Elder Tale. Would use any means possible to achieve his goals, even if his actions can be disliked or hated by others. His expertise was exploited before, which causes him to be more wary about strangers he don’t normally associate with. Although he’s fine in being the bad guy just to fulfill his ideals, but he can be self-concious about forcing these ideals on others at times.

His name’s derivative–“shiro” also refers to “white” or “innocent”. 🙂



Shigeo Kageyama

Origin: Mob Psycho 100

YES. Mob. White T-Poison. Normal. Physically weak. Socially awkward. Doesn’t really know how to read atmosphere. Easily scared in public. Keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself at first. He dislikes and most of the time avoids having strong negative emotions, due to a past trauma involving his psychic powers. He also sees the world in an optimistic way, which makes him forgiving even if others have done terrible things to him in the past. Although he’s overwhelmingly strong, he deeply believes that his skills are not a necessities for him to become strong in life, and would rather train hard by jogging and weight-lifting. This makes him the humblest yet most powerful esper in this story world.

Well, I really like his character. I feel like I can’t credit him enough. He chooses to befriend one of the final boss’s cronies (the umbrella villain) with his caring actions and kind words even though he can finish him with his psychic power. He sees the best in his sensei, Reigen even though he knew Reigen was using him the whole time. These two scenes were really touching and heart-felt, showing that it is not his physic power that defines himit is his personality.

And that, is just beautiful.


maxresdefault (42)

Nagisa Shiota

Origin: Assasination Classroom

Small body figure. Agile. Collected. Composed. Friendly. Observant. Shy. Hesitant in important moments possibly because he has a complex of being undermined by his mother. Becomes protective and emotional when his friends are in harm’s way. He was manipulated before by his classmates before, such as sacrificing himself in order to kill the yellow octopus. Although he’s normally quiet, but he can identify his classmates’ varying skills, and utilize them in order to kill the octopus. Over time, he’s learnt how to control his emotions and gained confidence to express himself better, all while honing his assasination skills.

One clap from him can stun you.


They are the roots of emotions.

These are pretty much every character I can think of that has “white tea” traits: emotionally pure, kind and has a hard time understanding others and their own emotions but is willing to learn and discover them. Like them, we can only learn the ways to emphatise when we interact and immerse ourselves in others’ story world. It’s why we adore stories, right?


My perspectives can be objective at times, so it’s up for debate if you have any character that you think I’ve mislooked/did not do the justice for. Feel free to share your opinions moderately, but most importantly, I hope this managed to give a proper shout-out to them.



Thanks for reading!