Hey.. are you really going to destroy the whole world?

The world has always been a chaotic place, we know it but we are simply not reminded of it every single day. We might already have our hands full with tons of things that we need to deal with. In fact, I think everyone here has their own formula to deal with them, to cope and to not be eaten by them. That’s how we can keep going, right?

But if life is described as a hot summer, then ice cream for some of us under this scorching sun would be lofi hip hop. With only a few repeatable beats, it can serve as a brief gateaway, to remind those listening to it how small they can be in the big, big world yet how free they can be. It’s like a magic that can put you in a trance and create a peaceful state of mind within it.


Meet Lisa—an ordinary high school girl. At least, that’s how it looks on the outside. On the inside, she’s struggling to deal with her bullies in school, to the extent where she has to hide in a toilet to eat her lunch. Plus, she has a tense relationship with her single mom and has no friend at all. But the thing is that, she can choose to stand up to the bullies and her mom if she really wanted to, if she feels the need to. But she’s bounded by her courage to resist, and to take action.


Twelve and Nine are orphans that ran away from their torture-child-to-develop-talent type of institution when they were small. They have the knowledge to plan and the courage to act. And being terrorists, they can destroy any building they want and are equipped with the skill to disappear right away.  But, no. They are bounded by the goals that they’ve set, and are determined to reach it.

The three of them are so close, yet so far away from the word “freedom”.

Three, two, one. Even if either one of them disappear from the world, no one will even care. This is what they’ve felt their whole life, because it’s true. They hated this feeling, but it’s the only thing that pushes them forward. People say things like “like charges attract” and that fate is a strange element, without really realising the impact of these words. Because when fairy tale like this really does happen, it changes lives. In that instant. It might not be forever, but maybe even just in that moment, a mutual connection is created; a heart-to-heart connection that surpass the boudaries of words.

It’s true for her: when she first saw a warm smile like the sun, with eyes like ice on a hot summer day. Everything was set into motion. Their fates somehow ended up entangled: seeking freedom and hope amidst this unforgiving world together, to find a shred of warmth in each other’s company. In the end, they just want to show that maybe, just maybe they have existed. That there is a conclusion that is worth chasing. That “freedom” is not just a word. That they have lived.

Is that.. too much to ask?


: )

Terror in Resonance, has far exceeded my expectation, with its mesmerizing characters and quite delicate soundtracks. I’m just glad that I stumbled upon this lofi hip hop by kudasai that brought me to this anime. Because it just fits the story’s theme: to be free.