I’m back. I’M BACK.

First off, I’d like to share some great news—Anime as a Cup of Tea is celebrating its 2nd birthday, with 100 followers! YES. It took me two years but wow, this sense of satisfaction is immeasurable. So, before I explain my hiatus, I’d like to bring up 4 people that kept me going in the first place. The first four.

Karandi, who was the first anime blogger that reached out, gave a few likes on my reviews and introduced the wide, friendly anime community here to me.

Irina who introduced me, to the anime community here with one of her monthly blog discovery posts. Never would I have thought I’d be able to get some form of recognition back then, but Irina just proved me wrong and till’ today, I’m still grateful for that one push.

tcrow. Even though I’ve never met him in real life, or have a decent chat with him through any platform, I could sense a certain determination and passion he poured on his works over the years and frankly, that freaked me out. Could I ever instil such genuinity in my posts? I’ve been trying to do this ever since.

7mononoke (Anime Rants) who was one of the first bloggers that shared her thoughts with me and inspired me to reach greater heights with her distinctive styles and own ways of doing what she does best–rants.

.. and you, you, the rest of all of you! Thank you for finding joy, and perhaps, be a little bit inspired by my rants, thoughts, reviews, recommendations in these 2 years. I don’t really like to create another Q&A session to celebrate this milestone, so.. if you have any question, I’d be glad to answer them here!

Cheers, for this amazing journey and the years to come.

I’ll see you in the upcoming (delayed) schedule!