First and foremost—Happy New Year 2021!

CYOA, or “Choose Your Own Adventure” is a type of game that opens up various paths in the story, for one to choose from. Yes. Any route provided. It’s fascinating and adopting the nature of choices into novels, it makes the story more interactive, and engaging. I’ve always wanted to try this: to create a story from scratch, and prompts one to do more than just flip the pages. Magium, a CYOA-type game inspired me. I enjoyed its plot, the characters, and the stats systems it has. It was terribly entertaining.

But, it wasn’t enough just playing. So, I tried creating.

I built the foundation of The Other World in a way that its world is divided into four continents: Humania, Beastia, Magica, and Outcasts. Each continent has their own race and their own class; Humania for example, has knights, hunters, bandits, and adventurers. Magica, on the other hand, has mages, witches, wizards, casters and sages. Then, the plot kicks off from your perspective.

You play as John—an adventurer—who wakes up in a forest, having no memory of how he got there or why he is even there. The first thing he sees is the sun light bathing him from the gap between the leaves, but he is paralysed. And a hooded figure is waving his hand, humming a lullaby, approaching him. What would you do? What will be the last thing that cross your mind?

unfortunately, you will not be fighting titans

In The Other World, your choices will greatly influence your ending, and outcomes of the events that unfold before you. There’s no right or wrong. And as your journey continues, you will meet more and more characters—who are either Challengers or inhabitants that reside in this realm—that will become your friends/foes/neither.

It’s structured like a text-adventure novel, and there are also checkpoints for each chapter (10 chapters in total), an achievement system (total of 32, plus hidden stories) and a light/dark reading mode.

As of now, it’s available (and downloadable) in both browser and android application, which is hosted at itch io here:

I will be frank when I say that computer science is not my area of expertise, and I’m also a total amateur in writing stories—but I’m very glad of the results, and is proud of it. So… I hope you’d be willing to spend a minute or two, flip a few pages and eventually, come to enjoy it as well.

May you have no regrets.