A short haiku (adapted with 5-7-5 syllable, which I tried to) appreciation post, for a movie on finding themselves, and finding love. Literally, searching for love that is not theirs.

At least, at the start of it.

A shy introvert,

an idol-like extrovert,

facing world their way,

one anchors to ground,

one aiming high to the sky,

grass and tall, tall cloud.

until one day

He who mutes the world,

with haiku book of his, met,

she who hides her smile.

Awkward roads they take,

sharing but hiding, their small,

vulnerable heart.

A quest they took upon,

a journey they trample on,

in search of a long lost song.

Her bittersweet voice,

her bold, free, smile draped his world

in colors, memories.

A short, sweet summer,

as they spend time together,

close, yet so far.


hidden feelings, hidden words,

slowly bottle up,

with steps not taken,

but with a dose of courage,

they can save each other.

I’m actually amazed by how the soundtracks in this movie, made a pretty difference to creating the entire mood of the show. A happy, touching scene isn’t accompanied by upbeat, orchestral rhythm seeking great heights but rather a slow, melancholic song marking the kind of longing to reach that scene: it’s just breathtaking.

Also, the side by side comparison scene just made the contrast between the two main characters more powerful, and really bring out the theme of change and the push they both need, without either of them realizing it. I’ve only realized what the tittle of the movie actually means, as at the…

End of summer, words,

bubble up like soda pop,

enveloping their

small, precious worlds with colors

brighter than fireworks.