What… just happened?

The Eximius Blogger Award.

“The Eximius Blogger Award is an award which symbolizes the exceptionality of every blogger. Eximius is the Latin word for exceptional, and this award is created to honour the exceptionality or uniqueness of every blogger out there. This award is for all those bloggers who put an insane amount of effort and thought into all of their posts and come up with exceptional content! This award is all about you!”

Whispering Stories

I’m shocked, flattered and honored to be nominated for this award.

The Rules:

  1. Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog post.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Tag the original creator: Riddhi @Whispering Stories and the person who nominated you!
  4. Mention the most exceptional thing about you and your blog (One about you and one about your blog).
  5. Mention one thing you find exceptional about the blogger who nominated you (To show love for the blogging community!)
  6. Answer the three questions posed by the person who nominated you.
  7. Share your favourite blog post that you’ve written.
  8. Tag 7 people! (Because 7 is such a magical number!)

Dear LitaKino @ Lita Kino Anime Corner

First and foremost, thank you.

It’s been quite long (one year, I think) since I was nominated or has the chance to nominate anyone for an award. Plus, due to my lower activity frequency, I wasn’t able to focus much in writing anything, or reading other posts in this case. So, if you’re reading this, and you have just quite some time afterwards, do visit Lita Kino Anime Corner.

Ranges of anime, manga and deep detailed discussions are all offered there with much enthusiasm poured into each of them. They also have a podcast, and even e-book guides to discovering gems in anime. And, my personal recent favorite is on SK8 The Inifnity, an anime that people barely talked about. One sentence in particular, perfectly encapsulate the anime and quite oddly, people, us.

When we love something so much, important to us, we get caught up in things that shouldn’t even matter but only the element of skating on the wave of fun.

Lita Kino

So, once again, thank you.

Dear Ethan_07 @ Anime as a Cup of Tea

Ethan_07, you are exceptional.

If it was me, I’d have given up on Anime as a Cup of Tea long ago. I’m not sure if its the occasional heartwarming comments you get, the equally exceptional anime bloggers than inspire you, or just your stubbornness. Even if it doesn’t add much value to your future path—given that you’re studying in a completely unrelated field—and it’s only a platform for sharing love and ideas for anime, you still pushed through.

For just that, I’m giving you a high-five.

Good job.

Keep going.

Don’t ever stop.

1. What do you watch more of? newer or older anime? or is there a balance between the both?

Newer, those seasonal anime. I do watch older anime whenever the weekly update of some seasonal anime takes too long, but still, searching for older anime definitely takes time.

2. What is a reason that keeps you blogging and returning to the keyboard? This hobby is such a solo thing have your reasons for continuing changed?

This is a great question.

I don’t think any of the bloggers have the exact same answer. At least, on a deeper layer.

For me, I believe that Anime as a Cup of Tea is a platform for expressing my thoughts on anime, but more specifically, what those anime meant to me. I wanted to share what made me want to write that post, used that particular sentence structure and how we missed even the little things in our life without us even realizing it.

I wanted this to be a reminder; that, I have been here before you, and will always be here.

That’s the enthusiasm that I believe most bloggers carry, as they continue blogging.

In a way, it is an inspiration brought to you by many bloggers without them realizing it.

And I think that’s a beautiful thing that’s worth dedicating our time on.

3. Do you think the sub vs dub argument needs to be stopped being asked and just die? LOL 



The argument shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

I think we all know who the clear winner is—one that can read understand Japanese.

Let people have their own preferences, people!

My favorite post: Love and Memory

Our memories are what we chose to define ourselves with, and with them, we give and receive love.

So that we would know, our memories are not plastic.

That we are not the perfect angel without sadness.

That we can love, and deserved to be loved like a beautiful violet.

That the bitterness of regrets, only comes after the story we cherished ended.

That, love is never too late if it can reach out, at the end.

That it’s never the lie, but the truth that hurts the most.

The deeper we love, the deeper we ended up struggling to keep that moment.

And that, we only learn the importance of having something after we lost it: like the beauty of sakura that blossoms in the spring.

Most of the time, it is the sharing of little moments without words that matter.

In the end, we could never reset our life, because our memories are what made us who we are. And they will, continue to.

Lucky Seven!

For the exceptional you, thank you:

The Questions:

  1. Who is the very first blogger that you looked up to or inspired you?
  2. Which of your post was the toughest one to plan, write, and create?
  3. How do you distribute the time you spend writing each of your post, any specific formula that you follow?

That’s it!