First and foremost—Happy New Year 2023!

It’s been two whole year since I published my first CYOA (“Choose Your Own Adventure”) game. If you were among the few followers that I have back then, you might remember it as the first ever game (text-based) that I made.

I didn’t abandon it.

Well, that’s not true either.

Ever since the pandemic hit in 2021, I actually put the project on hiatus.

Firstly was because I didn’t get many feedback (or plays) and it seemed quite pointless to continue on the sequel which plot hadn’t came to my mind yet. It was frankly, discouraging. I thought I could overcome it but with all that’s going on, I made up excuses to postpone it.

I told myself I wasn’t getting any idea for the plot, so it was better that I focus on other stuff anyway.

Days turned to weeks.

Then, I convinced myself I needed to completely pour myself into it if I want it to be great, which would take at least a month or two of full dedication. Which, I couldn’t adjust my schedule for.

Weeks turned to months.

I stopped visiting the game website to check on the analytics.

A year passed.

I went back to check.

No, it didn’t explode and become a sensational hit or anything.

But, some people added it to their collections. And then some more. Downloads grew by a lot. Visit too. Followers increased.


I realized this is the one question I shouldn’t ask myself of. Of all the people, I should know how much effort I put into writing the plot for the game—honing on the character dialogues to bring up the playful/serious tone, interactions to build up the chemistry, describing scenes as vivid as I can, organizing plot structure with sneaky foreshadowing and not-lengthy exposition, dealing with the technicalities of scripting the game, promoting it on different platforms.

I realized I subconsciously put myself into the lazy mindset.

And on a deeper level, it might just be the writer burnout that I didn’t know I was having. And, my brain responded through that way to force me to take a rest.

Which, I’m glad I did.

I started writing again on 2022, slowing my pace to write pages after pages, chapter after chapter, revising them after each chapter, and rewriting again until I was satisfied. Then, reading back the whole plot, elaborating on scenes I wanted emphasis on, sharpening it with the story and personal theme at play, fleshing out the characters and the situations they found themselves in.

It was then finalized.

The Other World 2: The Magnificent Seven.

The first game (“The Other World“) was on John as the main protagonist waking up in a forest paralyzed and was facing an approaching death. The second game (“The Magnificent Seven“) explores the nature of the other side of the world that he returned to (after 33 days), with Jane and Cliff as well as his various comrades (foes/allies) to find the real threat was already on the play—The Magnificent Seven, a group of elite villains with the belief that the world only deserves people who are strong.

And hence, they eliminate those they deemed weak, starting with Humania kingdoms (especially with the knights that are deemed the strongest of human). So, John the adventurer is now on a quest to prove the strong and weak not only can, but should coexist as he comes face to face with the most formidable enemy.

There’s a reason that I design the sequel’s poster like above. One, none of my skillsets involve designing poster. Two, I want it to be simple. Three, I want it colorful. Four, I want it dark. Five, I want to convey a sense of uneasiness. Six, I want it to look like it was drawn by children using chalk. Seven, I want it to look like seven different child drew the complete dots. Eight, I want to foreshadow that there was not only seven of them, but an extra one that was a part of the group.

And then I’m here again

In the end, I think what really prompted me to continue writing is the fact that there are some people who treasure and collect the very first game I made, the one I made for the sake of myself—to create a fictional world of magic and choices. It touched me.

Maybe this is the feeling that some creators out there still seek to create even after various discourages; I’m not really sure, but it is my reason to create this sequel (albeit it’s been two years) and the final part coming in about a year as well. I expected it to be a three part after I finished the first game, and the plant didn’t change, so hooray, it will be a trilogy! (you can call it that, right?)

Also, thank you for still being around. You have no idea how much it means for me.

I’ll see you next post! =)