Hello groovy people of the Internet! (Note: This cheesy line is obtained from Jack&Dean channel, no copyright intended.)

Usually when I’m away for this long, I would have prepared a few posts in advance, to post them in specific intervals. But this time, I’m not going to lie. I have nothing to share.

Well, I have something to share but it’s not on reviews, recommendations or anything like that. No. It’s a web novel that I spent this whole month working on, that I felt writing a post is too much writing for a day.

it was amazing

I’ve actually finished 86 about a few weeks ago, and while marking it as completed on MAL, I stumbled upon something. A contest. It’s a MAL and Honeyfeed collaboration with ‘Kodansha’ publisher in Japan. The tittle of the contest is “I Was Browsing MAL As Usual Then I Realized my Web Novel Could Become Manga.”

So, you know where I’m getting at.

I wrote an interactive novel type of game known as “The Other World” on January, and though it didn’t reach out to many people, but I was glad with the story itself. It was like a small milestone that kick-started me to do something; something I enjoy and is completely unrelated to the degree that I’m taking.

So, I tried my best again, to create about 45k words story in a month, and recently, I just finished typing the last chapter. And, made an epilogue to tie the story up.

my scribble made using paint

It’s a story about a university student named Shin, who tried to leap back time again and again, to saved his loved ones. 5 of them in total, until he is now left with one final chance to do so—this is where the story begins from. Three days, to save each of them, and eventually, save them all at once. But against all odds, against unbreakable fate, and against Grim Reaper himself, just how much can Shin do, and how far can he go?

So yeah, I basically noticed I subconsciously added some elements of Re:Zero (on the suffering, restart part), ERASED (saving loved ones), and Death Note (existence of God of Death and God of Fate). Also, I shed some tears to some parts of the plot that I wrote. What a narcissistic.


So, with the chance given, I forced myself to do it. To write a story. To have a reason to write another story. I think that deep down I wanted to create a story to portray and remind myself not to only appreciate the moments determined by ‘fate’ only after they are gone, but also that any of us can defy it, and create our own destiny. You would too, if you can save your loved ones, right?


I think that’s all I wanted to say, I will try to write some reviews next month because now I need to catch up with things that I’ve missed while writing it. If you’re interested, you can check out ‘Second Chances’ here, there are supposed to be 26 chapters in total and by now, only 6 have been published. Or, if you want to join the contest, you could also check it here.

With that being said, I’ll see you all next month.

As always, thank you for reading!