Over the past few months, tons of things happened that actually introduced quite a large impact on my life. I didn’t think it would evolve to the way it did, but it did.

It started small, it was smooth and slow; as if, I was just going along with the flow, exposing myself in a new zone I’ve never been before without any turn backs. Despite many bits of uncertainties, I kept walking because I needed to know where the path leads, and to what extent my abilities are.

Gradually, the pace shifted. My pace shifted, faster as I continually walk up and down the stairs, literally. It became more exhausting, but challenging and fulfilling to the extent that I grinned my teeth to push through everything blocking before me.

Amidst my clear determination on reaching the goal, there were times I felt like I wasn’t able to do it. That, it was too sudden, too much. A part of me was overwhelmed, and I honestly wanted to back up from it. It was scary, to entirely throw myself into a new environment that was completely different than the one I lived before it.

So, I paused. The gentle wind caressed my face, as I took a deep breath. And, another breath. I had come quite far into it, investing the two months of my life. Be it my pride, or just for the fact that I didn’t want to stop, I continued. I continued walking down the path.

It was straight. It was narrow. But, it felt rewarding the longer I walked. People were nice, friendly, very helpful, and the courage that I mustered grew larger and larger. I was more bold, and did things that I never could—to express my voice persuasively, confidently, again and again.

And the longer I walked, the more I discovered.

It can be exhausting, and I actually had my heart half-broken (repair in progress), but I decided to keep on going.

These little steps of mine.

And I’m curious to see where they lead next.


Hey guys (and girls)! First of all, I apologize for my inactivity. No worries, I’m not letting this blog go AWOL yet, but just that the posting activities would be less frequent. I actually just finished my internship about two months ago, and only have time to write about it now. It was challenging, but really fun (oddly) and satisfying. Also, I’ll be graduating in a year, so as I expected, all the final year projects, assignments have been charging at me relentlessly, taking away my time portion by portion.

But still, I’m not going to completely stop posting.

Plus, I finished re-watching Haikyuu!! as of writing this.

So, expect to hear from Anime as a Cup of Tea soon!